Easter 2017: Passion Into Action Results

The time has come to share the results of this year's Passion Into Action campaign, which is part of the larger Forget the Frock movement. Our theme this year is HOPE because, let's be honest, the world so desperately needs the HOPE of Jesus. 

By definition, HOPE is an assurance of things to come; a feeling of expectation and trust; the ability to expect with confidence. When we say that God is our hope, we are saying He is the one in whom we place our full confidence. Not in ourselves. Not in our husbands or wives. Not in our family. Not in our friends. Not in our money. Not in our jobs. Not in our world leaders. Our hope cannot be reliant on anything of this world. Jesus, the Son of God, is the HOPE of this world! Hebrews 11:1 states:

"Now faith is confidence in what we HOPE for and assurance about what we do not see."

For our 2017 Passion Into Action campaign, we chose five organizations that are bringing HOPE to this world, and they all have the word HOPE in their names. We translated HOPE into the languages spoken by the people they serve to display on the front of our shirts.

Project HOPE: 

Hope Road Nicaragua: 

Hope For The Warriors: 

Hope For Justice: 

Circle of Hope: 

By simply shopping with a purpose and wearing a t-shirt on Easter Sunday, we have the opportunity to bring HOPE to this world! 

My goal for this year was to sell at least 400 shirts, but when I would pray over this campaign, I asked God to help us sell 500 shirts. I am SO excited to share that thanks to all of you who purchased shirts and shared our campaign with others, we sold 536 shirts this year!! For every shirt purchased, you had the opportunity to vote for which organization you wanted to receive 100% of the proceeds. 

Are you ready to see how many votes each organization received?? 

Project HOPE: 94 votes (18% of total votes)

Hope Road Nicaragua: 62 votes (12% of total votes)

Hope For The Warriors: 90 votes (17% of total votes)

Hope For Justice: 129 votes (24% of total votes)


Circle of HOPE

161 votes 

(30 percent of total votes)!!!

When I met Kayla Stine for the first time at our church on Orphan Sunday, I had no idea how much God was already at work. During that first conversation, Kayla shared with me her passion for Circle of Hope. This organization exists to witness to the good news of Jesus Christ by engaging in works of mercy and justice alongside the world's most impoverished people in rural Malawi. Kayla sponsors children through Circle of Hope and has travelled to Malawi with CoH on short term mission trips. 

When I contacted Karen Roller, executive director for Circle of Hope, to share that CoH had received the most votes this year and would receive 100% of the proceeds, she wrote:

"Thank you!! I'm sitting here bawling, PRAISING Jesus with my tears."

Because you decided to forgo traditional Easter clothes and instead purchased one of our HOPE t-shirts, we are able to donate...

$5,000 to Circle of Hope this year!!

When I asked Karen how they plan to use the funds this year, I was overjoyed by her response: 

Hi Amy,

I’m still so excited and quite close to tears over this! It is such a wonderful thing!

I’ve been in conversation with Pastor Phiri (our Malawi director), Kayla, and one of my board members. We wanted to be sure and get the best project for this that we could come up with! My first goal was something that represents HOPE. My second goal was something that will last. We have decided that an Outdoor Dining Shelter/Play Area at Patricia’s Home will be the very best way to honor you and to have a lasting representation of this 2017 Passion Into Action Campaign! I hope that excites you as much as it excites me. I’ve wanted this for so many years. The babies sit in the dirt to eat their bowls of porridge or perch on the edge of the stoop to play. This will be so fantastic! 

The shelter will have a cement floor that can be easily cleaned, built in seating around the perimeter, and a roof!!! My plan is to contact a friend of mine and ask if he would be willing to purchase chairs and tables for the dining room!

Lots of Love,

I shed tears of joy after reading Karen's message! This will be the first structure that will be built as a result of a Passion Into Action campaign. To know that sweet children and their caregivers will be able to utilize this space brings me incredible joy! 

This is what the Christian life is all about friends. Our belief that Jesus is our Savior rescues us from a life without hope. Then, we get to take our faith and put it into action to shine His light in this world. This is such a small act - wearing a t-shirt to church - but look at the IMPACT it will have in the lives of those pictured below. 

Patricia's Home currently serves 34 young girls and babies, and thanks to your participation and this partnership with Circle of Hope, we are able to give a gift that meets a real need for these beautiful children! I cannot wait to see pictures of this outdoor dining shelter and play area. I will be sure to share them with all of you after the shelter is built. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the 170 families who helped make this year a success!

Also, a special thank you to Alyssa Casper, Claire Black, Jessica Limeberry, Ryan Abell, and Liam Abell for helping me sort and ship hundreds of shirts this year, as well as Bubba Crowder at Fund the Nations for helping me design this year's shirt. I couldn't have done it without all of you.

Most importantly, thank you Jesus for leading us to host this campaign, for blessing our efforts, and for making this year's donation the largest one yet. The LORD gets all the glory for this campaign! 

If you are interested in getting more involved with Circle of Hope, please visit their website. There are so many children in need of sponsors! According to the CoH website, "Through sponsorship you give a child food, education, access to healthcare, and HOPE. Just knowing someone is standing with them and supporting them gives HOPE to a child that will empower them to finish school, pursue a career, and bring transformation to their community!" You can learn more about the sponsorship program HERE

On Easter weekend, please share pictures of your families wearing their shirts using the hashtags:


You can also email them to me at amykabell@gmail.com if interested. I will compile them and write one final post to share pictures from this year's campaign. 

Until next year...Happy Easter!! He is Risen! 

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