Day 6: Touring Nanning

Today I woke up feeling much, much better! Thank you for all of your prayers! Tomorrow we will go to Tyson's orphanage and finding spot, and it is sure to be an emotional day. So, in order to use my best efforts in writing about that part of our trip, I want to summarize today with pictures and captions. Hopefully you will get a sense for our day. Nanning is such a beautiful place! I contemplated going on this tour today b/c part of me just wanted to lie in bed longer, but I am SO thankful that I pushed through and went! What a beautiful experience and memory made today.

The entrance to Qingxiu Mountain

Beautiful banyan tree

With two of my loves.

We got to see so many statues of various ethnic groups within China

An outdoor theatre for special occasions like Chinese New Year

This is the ethnic group found near Beihai where Ty lived the first 19 months of his life

See caption above.


The vegetation here is so beautiful!

I believe this is called the Hallway of Friendship

I cannot describe to you how hot and humid it was today! Hopefully this picture gives you some idea. 

We got a "cold" bottle of water. I was COMPLETELY drenched and had the pleasure of carrying a hot, sticky baby in the Ergo. We were a sopping, wet mess. 

An open, grassy area made the perfect soccer field!

Not happy to stand by this "girly" stuff - what a miracle that Olaf wasn't melting!

This was so beautiful in person

We hopped on a bus to go to a different area of the park. 

The breeze was AMAZING!!!

Feeding the fish for 5 yuan = 81 cents

It was super gross to see thousands of fish toppling all over each other for food. Gives me the willies!

Why not climb a million stairs when it's 110 degrees outside? When in China! 

The walk was worth it! The pagoda was beautiful! Ryan went to the top to take pictures. 

Meanwhile, we sat on the ground eating ice cream. Sounds like a good deal to me! I seriously cannot explain to you how hot and humid it was. I was completely soaked from head to toe. The ice cream wasn't even cold...cool is a better word! 

Views from the Pagoda

Check us out in the bottom right

I held Tyson through his nap (what a privilege) and ate a fantastic KFC sandwich (so much better here)! Comfort food taste so good after feeling so terrible yesterday.

We later enjoyed some of our favorite Chinese snacks. Yes, those are cucumber potato chips. Love the portion sizes here. SO much healthier than in the US!

Daddy is all smiles with Ty-Ty!

A hot day calls for a cool swim! 

Swim caps required in many pools in China! Tyson was loving the water time with Momma!

Daddy is so strong! He loves his boys.

Tyson getting ready to stick his favorite finger in his mouth.

A warm brother bath followed! 

We walked to the mall to find dinner. This play area is for children under 3 years old only. WHAT?!
Momma wants Italian...Momma gets Italian. 

Ty is rocking his high chair!

Dinner was SO good! 

So sad to see this woman working so hard. This load was so heavy. 

I couldn't help but wonder if this would have been my sons' fate...or much much worse had we not adopted them. 

The night ended with both good and difficult pieces. Let's do the hard first. We went in to look at an ice cream store, and the girl at the counter called to her friends to come look at our family. She pointed to her mouth and started laughing. When I realized that they were making fun of my baby, I turned on my heel and walked out as fast as I could. Momma bear wasn't going to stand for that. Apparently, Ryan wasn't either, as he looked them dead in the eye and said, "What's so funny?" They didn't know English or pretended not to...so he put it in Google translate and showed them his phone. They got quiet real fast. It made for quite a teachable moment for Noah.

The good side is that we got to talk with Tucker and Liam at home, and they both sound great! I missed them a lot today and am excited that we are one week into this trip. Grandma and Grandpa are working so hard to keep our boys busy and happy and assured of our love. Thank you, Dad and Danette, for all you are doing to help our family!! We love you.

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