Day 3: Hong Kong to Nanning

What a day!! I cannot believe it is still Sunday. It is currently 11:30 p.m., but I will go back to the beginning of our day. This morning we woke up after a solid 11 hours of sleep feeling incredible! We FaceTimed with the boys first thing, and then Ryan went for a run along the harbor. He said it was easily one of his favorite runs ever! The weather was extremely humid and warm, but it was not raining. When Ryan got back to our room, we went to the Club Lounge for breakfast. Once again, it did not disappoint!

I will cry at home when I don't get to eat delicious Hong Kong & China breakfast anymore.

After breakfast we went back to our room to work on our luggage. For international flights to China, your bags can weigh 50 lbs.; however, on domestic flights, they can only weight 44 lbs. We had some rearranging to do, and our carry on backpacks were filled to the brim. They were heavy enough on our trip here! I had a dream that first night that my back hurt so much from carrying it that I splurged on a massage in Guangzhou. Oh my! Noah played with his Legos that he got for his birthday while we packed, unpacked, and repacked our bags. Finally, we hit the magic number for all of our luggage and high fived each other.

This is the view from our room. You can see a path by the water where Ryan ran this morning.

The only thing I wanted to do today before leaving was eat a special dessert famous in Hong Kong called don tots. They are small pastries filled with egg custard. Ryan spoke to the girls who were working in the Club Lounge to see where we should go to buy some. They were giggling like crazy at our pronunciation, and when they said it, it sounded just like us but faster. I was laughing so hard because they were giggling so much! It was one of those moments like:

Frog protection?
Fraud protection?
Frog protection?
Fraud protection?
Yeah, we’re totally saying the same thing.

Always the peace sign. Love!

They wrote down don tots and some other foods that they suggested we try like Hong Kong French Toast, Milk Tea, and Pineapple Bread, which is not actually made with pineapple but thought to look like it. The concierge agreed that their recommendation to purchase these items from a particular café was good, and we hopped in a taxi with our mouths watering. Ok, only my mouth was watering! This is the first country that I’ve ever visited that drives on the right side of the vehicle and the left side of the road.

First HK taxi ride

Driving on the right side of the car.

Hong Kong currency is so fun! Each bank prints their own bills, so a $10 HKD will look different from one to another.
 Ten minutes later, we found ourselves in a part of Kowloon we had not yet seen. Immediately, I saw a whole pan of don tots shining brightly. The hostess started yelling at this couple to get up from their table so we could sit there…WHAT?! I was so embarrassed at first. She made them sit with another couple at the booth. They all looked so confused and accosted. You should’ve seen my face. Inconveniencing people – or just the thought of doing so – makes my stomach hurt. The feeling passed quickly, as I soon saw the hostess doing this to several others as new people came to eat. In fact, she sat a lady with us, and truth be told, she was a God send. The woman was super friendly and helped us here and there as we needed it. Hong Kong truly is such a friendly city, and so many people speak English, which is very convenient! We ended up ordering 5 don tots, 2 pineapple breads, and 2 hot milk teas. Everything was SO delicious! We left the restaurant with 2 don tots and 1 pineapple bread, which I excitedly shared with the girls who helped us find the cute little café.


The very busy and amazing Kam Wah Cafe. I highly recommend it!

Don tots and pineapple bread behind it. Yes, that is a slab of butter inside the bread. Mmm...

The sweet woman who sat with us and the couple who got kicked out from our table is behind me. SHORRY!

Outside of the cafe in Kowloon.

Ryan hailing a cab back to our hotel.
 After checking out of our hotel, we grabbed some last minute pictures and the airport shuttle arrived. It took about 20-30 minutes to reach Kowloon Station, and from there we took the train to the airport. The view of Hong Kong was so beautiful as we left the city. Such a whirlwind in misty, foggy, and rainy weather, but I really did love Hong Kong! Touring cities like this opens my eyes to a whole world that you never think about in day-to-day life. It gives me the itch to travel more and more as the kids get older.

In front of our hotel.

A Bible in our hotel room. I found Hong Kong to be very open about Christianity. 

On the shuttle bus to Kowloon Station.

We made it to the train! Heading to the airport. 
 Once we reached the airport, we checked in with Hong Kong Airlines to catch our flight to Nanning. We had 2 hours until our plane departed, and the gate had not yet been assigned. Noah and Ryan grabbed McDonalds, and just as they were sitting down to eat, I heard, “Amy?” I turned around and saw another Lifeline momma named Kelli! We met through Facebook after learning that Tyson and her daughter, Landry, are both from the same orphanage and are nearly the same age. In fact, they have a video of Landry, and Ty makes a debut very momentarily. We talked for a long time, learning about each other’s family, adoption stories, etc. What a gift she and her husband are to us! I am so thankful that we will be able to experience this together and support one another as we face our first week with our new son and their new daughter.

Two very interesting options at the McDonalds inside the aiport. 

A prayer room by the ladies restroom at the airport. I took full advantage. 

In Southern China, it is very common for flights to be delayed. We were supposed to take off at 4:10 p.m., but I was planning for an hour or two delay. And then a storm blew in. Enter torrential rain and lightning! We were watching outside when, for the first time in my life, we saw a bolt of lightning strike the plane! I don't know the technical name of the red and yellow thing on the tail (Help, Kevin!!), but sparks started flying off it, and we heard a huge buzzing sound. We were sitting like 75 yards away...it was crazy! With absolutely no update from the airline crew along the way, we finally were allowed to board the plan 3 hours later after our scheduled departure! BANANAS.

Kinder is a brand of chocolate treats in China where they hide a toy inside the egg to surprise the kids. I got a set of 5 for Noah! He was awesome today - did not complain once! 

On the plane to Nanning!

Our flight to Nanning took place without incident. I tried to read The Connected Child for a bit, refreshing my memory about our adoption training. I highly recommend it for all parents! There is incredible information in there for everyone, especially those who parent kids from hard places or with difficult behaviors. Using these techniques has really positively impacted all 3 of our boys! Ryan wasn't feeling too well. His poor body just struggles with jet lag while mine feels normal. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow! Our guide, David, met us at the airport. The poor guy was waiting for 2 hours! He is SUPER SUPER nice and totally put us at ease. He said he began working in a hotel years ago, and then he saw all of these adoptive families and their new children and ended up taking a job working for our adoption agency. He has great energy and seems to really adore the children. David helped get our updates of Ty and has actually met him several times! We checked into our hotel, and it is very nice! I could not be more pleased.

Ryan and David checking in (with Kelli and her husband, Brett, behind David)

The view from our floor looking up - whoa! 

Our room is so cozy and more spacious!


Friends and family, thing just go real, really fast. My new son will be sleeping in this bed tomorrow night - unless he wants to sleep with his momma, of course. :) My heart skips a beat thinking about it.

Here are some additional pictures of our room...

I am too tired tonight to process all of the emotions I can feel starting to trickle into my heart. Mostly right now, I feel sad for my precious boy that he will be saying goodbye to all that he knows tomorrow. This is hard for all children, regardless of their age! These children have lost so much only to lose more...all to gain a family. I cannot help but think of my Savior and what He did for me so that I could be adopted into God's family. Praise God for all He has done and all He continues to do. I feel His presence and your prayers lifting us up! 

It is almost 12:45 a.m., and I need to get some sleep. We will have a quiet morning, fill out paperwork around 11:00 a.m., and then we will meet Tyson tomorrow afternoon. I hope to write in the morning as I process what's on my heart. Enjoy the Indy 500!! Hope you are all having a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I know this is one that I will never forget. 

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Angie said...

so excited for you all! and, um, i know you have a lot going on, but if you go to mcdonald's again, you should try the black sesame ice cream cone! yum! :)

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