Preschool Christmas Programs (Better Late Than Never)

Although this post is nearly a month and a half behind schedule, I wanted to take the time to share a special night for Liam and Tucker. A week before Christmas, these little cuties got to participate in their first preschool Christmas programs. When Tucker first came home, we registered the our littles (as we've so sweetly called them the past 15 months) to be in the same preschool class. We feared that Tuck would be too afraid if he was separated from Liam. However, as the months passed, he adjusted well and was much more secure in his attachment to our family. Liam and Tucker went from fighting every 3 minutes for those first 3 months home to steadily growing to love one another. They truly are best friends now, which makes me sad that Noah and Tyson don't have "twins" (yet anyway!). As the boys grew closer, we decided to separate them into their own classes. We felt that they needed to establish identities apart from one another, make their own sets of friends, and have a break from each other. They are both thriving this year and love going to school a couple times each week.
Although having Liam and Tuck in two separate classes has proven a great decision in many ways, it also meant that we got to attend back-to-back Christmas programs that each had the same activities. They were both so proud and excited to perform for us. First cutie up to bat was Liam. I mean, just look at that handsome boy! My baby is getting so big.

Liam loves both of his teachers. They describe him as a very enthusiastic student. Love their choice of words and totally believe them! He is passionate about all things - I'm not sure where he gets it. Below is a sweet picture of Liam snuggling up to Miss Mary, who (he proudly told us) taught him to pee standing up at school this year. Thanks for taking one for the team, Miss Mary!!

As I mentioned before, Liam feels all things deeply. He will laugh harder, love more intensely, and show more joy than anyone I know. With that said, this little guy will cry harder, get madder, and have his feelings hurt more than anyone else. Deep feelings this one. Again, not sure where he gets that. Well, when it came time to put on costumes, no one called on Liam to choose one. I was helping students get dressed up when my mommy radar started beeping. I looked up and saw Liam with his arms folded, feelings hurt. I walked over to him, told him to come and pick out his costume, and he cheered right up! Thank goodness he is easily redirected!

How appropriate that he would choose an angel costume! Am I right, friends and family? Oh Bert Bert...you make my heart melt. He has been telling me lately that when he grows up, he is going to marry me. I LOVE IT.

When Liam's program ended, we had about a 10-15 minute break, and then it was Tucker's turn. He was really excited to have a turn. The preschool director opened up the program with a prayer. I don't know what it is about seeing this precious little boy pray, but it brings me to tears on a regular basis. I mean, look at him? Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever seen? I am always amazed how God is in all places at all times seeing all people in their circumstances. He saw Tucker, He saw our family, and he intervened in all our lives. Without God's call to obedience, we would not know Tucker. The thought of us living apart from one another makes my heart ache. I still tell him all the time how thankful I am that he is in our family...that I am his mom and that he is my son. To hear his sweet voice say, "I love you, mommy," brings a tear to my eyes. We have come so far!

I mean, seriously, when did this little guy get so big?! He wore 12 months clothes 15 months ago, and now he is comfortably wearing 3T. That smile just beams! I am convinced that I have the most beautiful boys in the world.

Tucker also loves his teachers, Miss Rita and Miss Susan. This was Tuck's first experience in a structured environment outside of our home with educational, social, linguistic, and behavioral demands. According to his teachers, Tucker has made so many strides. Miss Rita said he is a great friend to others, is learning readiness skills, is obedient, and takes redirection well. We couldn't ask for more! Don't you just love his skinny buns? That kid is solid muscle - tiny but mighty!

Tucker chose a sheep costume for the program and wore it well. The poor girl in the red dress to his right had the unfortunate experience of Tucker's curious hands on her donkey hat. He just couldn't resist himself and pet that hat not once, not twice, but maybe ten times. Tuck was so overstimulated by the end of the two programs, but he loved every minute of it. We are so thankful that he is home and has the opportunity to go to school in such a nurturing environment.

And last but not least, this sweet boy endured back-to-back preschool programs like a champ! Noah is such a good big brother. We tell him all the time that God chose him with great intention. We are so grateful for the leadership, compassion, and grace Noah shows Liam and Tucker.

Three boys and a fourth on the way. I can only imagine the adventures that lie ahead!!

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