A Secret to Share

Have you ever tried to keep a secret? A secret so good that you stopped talking altogether for fear that you would spill the beans.

Well, I have been keeping a secret. A really good one. And I stopped blogging because I was afraid I would slip and tell this secret too soon.

Can you guess what I'm about to tell you? I'll give you some hints. What do these four pictures have in common?


You guessed correctly! We are going back to China, friends!!! There is A PLACE AT OUR TABLE, and we are going to fill it with one of God's beautiful children who is waiting for a family.

A child who was lost will now be found.

A child who was once relinquished will now be held forever.
A child who was abandoned will now be loved and cherished for the rest of time.

Our family of five will now be a family of six.

Our hearts are open, the kids are excited, and we are filled with JOY!!! God has set the lonely in our family (Psalm 68:6), and once again, we are following Him back to China.

 Stay tuned for all the exciting details we want to share with you!!!


Kathy said...

Woohoo!! So excited for you guys!

Angie said...

Awesome, Amy! So excited for you guys!

Unknown said...


Love you guys,

Dad and.Danette

Kelli Abell-Phillips said...


D Hurl said...

Wonderful news!!!!! May God richly bless your family!

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