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In my previous post from last month, I shared that our family honored the commitment we made in June 2013. We paid forward the $5,000 that was donated through the puzzle fundraiser to bring Tucker home to another adoptive family. Over the past several months, we have prayed that God would open the hearts of our friends and that they would take the leap of faith to bring one of his children home.

In our search, we spoke to one family who is very much considering adoption to grow their family but are not ready due to the finances involved. We talked to a couple other families, and they have decided to get involved in orphan care in a different way than through adoption. Another family is seriously considering adoption, but they felt that the timing was not right.

The Haun Family celebrating the 4th of July with their newest American
Then, God laid a particular family on our hearts. This family has been in our lives since March 20, 2013 - the day we got our Log In Date (LID) from China, as it was the same day they got theirs. I watched the Haun family long to bring their precious daughter, Lucy, home from China. I prayed for Lauren and her husband as they were told at the last minute to consider not bringing Lucy home due to her significant needs. I rejoiced whenI learned that she and her husband made the decision to go to China anyway and bring their daughter home no matter what her needs might be. And since that time, over the past year, I have watched sweet Lucy transform from a child without a family to child who is LOVED AND SPOKEN FOR!!

I mean, look at that precious smile!!!
In a recent blog post, Lauren wrote: Lucy's story in a nutshell is the just how Jesus sees us:
Lucy was sick, neglected, malnourished, abandoned.... Before we have Jesus into our life, we are the exact same way.
Lucy's heart needed to be fixed through open heart surgery... isn't that the same thing Jesus does with our hearts... he fixes it first?
Lucy needed tubes in her ears so she could hear... after Jesus fixes our hearts, he opens our ears so we can hear His voice!
Lucy needed eye surgery & glasses so she could physically see... our spiritual eyes have to be "fixed" and adjusted so that we can see Him and change any area of our life that needs to be changed.
Lucy couldn't walk because she had a bad hip that wouldn't allow her to and needed physical surgery to fix it... Jesus helps us on our journey and fixes our bad hips, so that we can "walk" straight paths with Him!! He wants on on the straight and narrow path... not on the wide road that this world is on!
In a nutshell, Lucy's story is just like our story with God! He took us in just as we were and loved us even when we were ugly and full of sin! Isn't that just the greatest story ever? He is our Father and it's the greatest love story ever! I am so thankful for Lucy and her life and to even get to be a part of her life feels like such a HUGE privilege!! 
Has it been easy?    NO 
Is it worth it?     100% YES 
God says we are worth it... the cross was worth it for our salvation...
Lucy is SO SO SO worth it and so much more!!
Just knowing Lauren and watching their family's journey to Lucy and with Lucy has grown my faith in immeasurable ways. I am a stronger adoptive momma, a deeper believer, and a witness to miracles through my friendship with Lauren.
When Lauren shared with us that she had fallen in love with a little girl from China and that she and her husband decided to once again take this leap of faith, my heart fluttered. Could they be the family? Ryan and I talked about it, prayed about it, and decided that we were ECSTATIC to pay it forward to them. I asked Lauren if we could FaceTime her and Chad that evening. We told them about our puzzle fundraiser from the year before and our commitment to pay forward $5,000 that was donated through Ryan's adoption reimbursement benefit at work. Then we shared that we wanted them to have the money to bring Charlie Mae home. It was awesome, you guys!
Once again, thank you to the 121 families that supported us through the puzzle fundraiser. It is in your honor and with great thanks that we donated $5,000 to Lauren's family through their Adopt Together website. Click to see the donation, as well as to prayerfully consider helping their family like you did ours. I wouldn't typically put the amount donated on a website like that, but we did in order to have full transparency to our donors. We love the Haun family, and we cannot wait to see Charlie Mae in their arms. God has chosen the most beautiful family for her. What a gift they will be to each other! To see Lauren and Chad's video slideshow announcing their adoption to loved ones, please click THIS LINK.
Their story as shown through the slideshow is like many couples. They met...fell in love...got married...had biological children...and loved the Lord. Then, they made a decision that would change their lives forever. They CHOSE to SEE the children who need families. They CHOSE the life of a little girl over worldly gain. They CHOSE to be brave and leap. And even knowing the paperwork, the heartache, the challenges, and the financial stress, they CHOSE to go back to China. All for sweet Charlie Mae.
Follow their journey: http://lovedandspokenfor.blogspot.com/
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