Andy's Second Journey to Leadville

Many of you have followed our family's adoption story for quite some time, and you might recall my posts last year about Andy and Lisa Bauermeister's #runningtuckerhome campaign. Andy ran 100 miles in the Leadville Trail race last August to push his body to its limits and to help raise funds to bring orphans home. He successfully completed this race in 28 hours and 44 minutes! Andy and Lisa's friends and family donated $11,120 to the fundraiser last year! You can read my follow up post HERE. After giving our family over $6,000, they gifted $1,000 to five additional families who were going through the adoption process. You can read this post and this post to see the chosen families. We are still so thankful for the money given to our family through this fundraiser! We were able to pay for all of our airfare (nearly $5,000), and the rest was applied to final travel expenses.

Because Andy is absolutely crazy incredibly inspiring, he is running another 100 miles on the Leadville Trail this August, and once again, he is raising money for orphans. Instead of choosing specific families, Andy has decided to partner with The Boaz Project, Inc. Not only does this organization provide adoption assistance to families, but they also work directly with people helping orphans in both India and Russia. Coincidentally, Noah's Bible Club at school raised money for The Boaz Project, Inc. this past year. He was happy to do extra chores around the house to raise money for this special organization.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Andy ran across the entire state of Indiana to accomplish a great feat while also training for Leadville and raising money for The Boaz Project, Inc. Andy finished the entire 150 mile trek across Indiana in 39 hours and 57 minutes! You can read all about his adventure HERE. Check it out! Ryan even made a debut by providing an aid station for Andy early in his weekend adventure. :)

To date, Andy has raised nearly $1,000 for The Boaz Project, Inc. I know so much of Andy's success with this race will attributed to both his physical condition and his mental stamina. Last year, he said that his ability to continue pushing his body to extremes was knowing that he was helping families bring home their children. Will you consider helping Andy's efforts in supporting The Boaz Project, Inc. this year? All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and can be completed online through the following website: https://fundly.com/runin-for-orphans. We received our receipt from The Boaz Project, Inc. just a couple weeks after making our donation.

God asks that all people care for the fatherless in some way, and Andy has decided that through his passion for running, he can help orphans. I hope you will consider donating to his fundraiser to support The Boaz Project, Inc.!

Lisa and Andy just after he crossed the Leadville finish line in 2013

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