A Favor for Tucker's Birthday

For the past couple of months, I've been thinking about Tucker's birthday. This will be his first birthday with our family, and I know it will be an emotional day filled with celebration. Last year, we sent him a birthday cake and gifts to the orphanage where he was able to celebrate with friends, and this year he will celebrate with his family and friends at home!

April 2013
For those of you who have followed our journey, you know that I am a pretty open book. In fact, my blog is titled "My Passionate Balance: Living a Transparent Life in Hopes of Inspiring Happiness in Others." I have shared the highs and the lows of our adoption journey. With great detail, I have described the heartache I felt being half the world away from Tucker. I wrote about the joys of each step that we became closer to reaching him. I took you to China with me, telling stories about each day we spent in Beijing, Chongqing, and Guangzhou. I've also opened my heart and talked about the challenges that our family experienced transitioning to life as a family of five. I wrote about the rejection I experienced and how my own bond with Tucker took time and effort. I wore my heart on my sleeve in hopes that others could...

...see the amazing gift of adoption.
...understand the joys and sorrows of this journey.
...open their hearts and minds to the idea of adoption for their families.
...start praying about their family's role in orphan care.
...learn about another aspect of this world with which they are unfamiliar.
...give themselves grace and believe that it is normal to have difficulty with attachment.
...understand that it is God, not us, who gets all the glory.

Someday, Tucker is going to learn that I have written all about him, his past in China, our adoption process, and his life since coming home. I can imagine how this might bring him both happiness and sadness. He will have so many details from this very special time in our lives. At the same time, to have the intimate details of his life in plain view for all to read might hurt. This is part of his story, though it is told from my perspective and through my eyes. I continue to write about Tucker, our family, and this journey that continues despite his adoption being complete because I believe with my whole heart that God is using it in powerful ways. I have received email, Facebook messages, phone calls, and text messages from people who have been impacted by our family's story. I do not believe that God spoke to me on July 19, 2012, asking our family to adopt Tucker, just to bring him home. I believe He has a greater purpose, and bit by bit, I am able to see planted seeds come to fruition.

So this is my favor that I'm asking from you. Every year for my sons' birthdays, I write them a letter and post it on my blog.

I would like to invite you to write Tucker a letter for his birthday, describing how reading about our adoption journey, his life, and his story has impacted your life.

I will print each of the letters and save them for him to read when the time is right. With your permission, I might share pieces of what you write but will keep your name anonymous. Tucker's birthday is April 28th, which is a week from today, and I would love to have all of the letters by that time. Thank you for your consideration! I cannot wait to read your special letters to our son. My hope is that your letters will bring him comfort and help him understand how God has used his life and his story to impact others for His glory. Thank you for helping with this very special gift that we look forward to giving Tucker someday!

Please email all letters to lettersfortucker@gmail.com.

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