Sacrifice: The Essence of Life

Last night around 5:00 p.m., big, beautiful snowflakes began falling all around us. All evening, more and more snow fell, setting the perfect stage for watching the live production of The Sound of Music. Of course the original will always be the best way to experience the story, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get tears in my eyes a few times watching it. I once again had chills listening to the songs and watching what happened when a young woman followed God's plan for her life and the beautiful affect it had on an entire family.

The snow continued to fall here at home, and Noah was able to enjoy his first 2 hour delay. Again, the setting was perfect to snuggle under a blanket while the kids played, allowing me to finish a book I have been reading called Sacrifice: The Essence of Life. The author takes us on a journey through history to help us see how the sacrifices of others has resulted in the lives we enjoy and live on a daily basis today. 

While reading this book, I was forced to reflect on the idea of sacrifice. So many people have come before me and have sacrificed so much, most importantly the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. This Christmas, we will celebration the birth of our Savior. This baby came into the world with one purpose: to be the atoning sacrifice so that we could be reconciled with God. When we sacrifice ourselves, our desires, and our own plans for our lives, we have the ability to show real, true, and pure love to others. The emphasis is no longer on what we want but what is best for someone else. 

I am so proud to share that my father-in-law, John Abell, wrote this book that I finished this morning. He is a man of such incredible integrity, and with each passing year, I have had the opportunity to understand the depths of his heart. One common thread that we share is our love for the fatherless. John felt moved to write this book to share something that was laid on his heart, and he is using this book as an opportunity to help the fatherless. ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from his book will be directly given to Horizon International, a Christian organization that exists to rescue and support orphaned children in South African nations whose parents were victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This organization is so dear to my in-laws' hearts, as without the support from Horizon International, it is unbearable to think what would happen to these children.

I'm sure many of you are like me and love buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones that somehow benefit someone less fortunate. This is a perfect way to do just that, as purchasing this book will help provide for these orphans in Africa.

Not everyone is ready to adopt today, and maybe you never will. However, this is one way you can get involved in orphan care - maybe you will even decide to sponsor one of Horizon's orphans for $35 on a monthly basis. I hope you will consider this book as you make your final Christmas purchases.

If you would like to contact John directly to purchase a book, his email is jwabell68@gmail.com.

You can also purchase a softcover, hardcover, or e-book through the following website or through Amazon, though receiving the book directly from John will result in the most funds reaching orphans.


Thanks for your consideration!

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