Day 8: Relaxing Day in Chongqing

Because we over-did things a bit yesterday, we decided to have a more relaxed day today. After Tuck's two night terrors last night, he slept the rest of the night without any trouble. He finally woke up just before 8:00 a.m., and we FaceTimed with the boys. I noticed pretty quickly that Liam's demeanor seemed more reserved and maybe even a little shut down upon seeing Tuck. I have been worried about how Liam would transtion to a new little guy in our family, and so I am going to start praying harder for his heart to soften to Tuck. Noah and Liam are SUCH GOOD BUDDIES! My heart's desire is for all of the boys to have a very special bond with one another. Hopefully with lots of love, assurance, and attention from us when we get home, Liam will still see what a special place he has in our family. Someday I'll probably write about how Tuck and Liam are plotting against all of us! :) Noah seemed really happy. I am so proud of him and how he is handling everything. He told his teacher that he was going to be a really good big brother...that he would walk holding Tucker's hand on one side and Liam's hand on the other side. Forgive me if I already told that story, but it is just precious. I love Noah's beautiful heart.

After we FaceTimed, we gave Tuck his morning bottle and then went down for breakfast. He again preferred the hard boiled eggs and bacon. I gave lots of other options - noodles, green beans, congee, and fruit - but he was less interested in those things. After breakfast, we came back to the room for a bit of play time just the three of us. I'll let you decide from the pictures how Tuck felt about it. 

Yeah, I agree. I'd say they had a pretty good time! :) As I was organizing pictures to post on this blog, I realized that we took ZERO pictures of Tucker and I together. Ryan apologized and promised to get some tomorrow. Today, you will get to see lots of Tuck and Baba together.

After playtime in the room, we decided to take Tucker on a little swim. A few things we learned:

1. In China, people do not wear swim suits from the room to the pool (or maybe that is a 5 star hotel rule. I told Ryan this isn't a HoJo, and next time, no suits in the hallways!). It's hard enough to be one of two American families in all of Chongqing (I exaggerate but truly haven't seen one)...we don't need to be THOSE Americans wearing swim suits in the hallway. 

2. Adults must wear swim caps in the pool. Interesting. Ryan was given a light blue option for approximately $12 US. I'm going to insist that he wear this from now on when he swims. :)

3. China babies are NOT used to cold water. Now, we knew this going into it, but because Tuck loved the bath so much, we thought, "What the heck. Let's try the pool!" Poor Tuck and his shivering tiny hiney. He was shaking like a leaf and held on to Ryan for dear life. 

4. Asian men wear speedos to the pool, so again, we stuck out with Ryan's long board shorts. #where isthesurfboard

 5. Had I gone swimming today, I would have had a light pink swim cap. I say, "Darn!" in my most sarcastic tone. :)

6. We knew this would be a great opportunity to build trust with Baba, and it proved to be just that. 

7. This pool was the swankiest I've ever seen in person. Again, it's no HoJo, folks. :)

Baba decided the water was too cold. He handed Tuck off to me, and then he got in the water. I passed Tucker to Ryan, and boy was the temperature a shock to the little guy! It was a whopping 28 degrees (C). :)

Trusting Baba a bit more...letting his legs just float behind him. What a brave guy!

After drying off and taking the walk of shame in their swimsuits back to the room, Tuck joined me for a bath to warm up! He loves playing with the stacking cups in the tub. Warmer water was definitely more appealing! After baths we got dressed and headed out for lunch. Despite McDonald's picture menu, information was lost in translater. Man, what I would do to be able the communicate in Mandarin. It is the only tricky thing! I am more than happy to eat traditional Chinese food, but when I can't communicate with the servers or read the menu, it's tough. Tucker ate chicken nuggets and corn and loved it! I should mention that we brought lunch back to the room, again trying to keep things simple today.

We put Tuck down for a nap shortly after we finished lunch. He was a sleepy boy and fell asleep in maybe 3 minutes. He slept until maybe 3:30 p.m. We then played in the room for a bit and then left to buy some things for the kids at Tuck's orphanage. We already made our formal donation there, but we wanted to take some items to help the kids. We were told Wal-Mart was 10 minutes away walking...just follow the street straight until it ends. Awesome. No problem!

After walking for several minutes, we came to a Jan-Mart or something like that. We found it!! Hmm..wait a minute. This is housewares, and there are squatty potties for purchase. Guess we need to go up a floor. Hmm...nope, this is tile and flooring. Better go up. What a minute...are we at the right store? There are sinks, and cabinets, and all kinds of light fixtures. Maybe it's on the 4th floor (nope), 5th floor (nope), 6th floor (not a chance). Well, looks like Jan-Mart is different from Walmart. Back down 6 escalators we went, though Tucker loved it! He likes to say, "Down, down, down," each time we ride them.

We walked and walked and walked...crossing busy streets, walking on overpasses. Ryan got out his trust map. Yes, we had to walk just a bit further. Walking, walking, walking...did I mention in the pouring rain? It has rained all day! Haha! Tuck was in a carrier just happy as a clam. I was glad for the nice cool air with my boys. Side note: again, as if we didn't stick out so much already - you know, being American (the only Americans aside from the Parsons AND having a Chinese baby strapped in my front carrier, but Ryan has to wear shorts when everyone else is dressed in coats and are using umbrellas. #sillyamericans

We finally, finally made it to Wal-Mart. Darn! Ryan is asleep. I just realized that he did snap a couple pictures that I want to share with you. Ok, woke him up (sorry, Babe!) and got the pictures. I've never been happy to see a Wal-Mart in all my life until today!

Everything in China is more than one story, and Wal-Mart is no different. Who needs an elevtor when you can have an escalator for your shopping cart. Amazing technology, really! It's like the walkway at the airport, except it takes you up or down one story. Incredible! The wheels kind of lock into it. Who knew!

The kids' section was very tiny, but I am very pleased with the items we chose.

We purchased 7 winter hats, 2 pairs of shoes, 6 packages of socks, 3 winter coats...

8 onesies...

and 5 fleece, super comfy outfits. They were really thick like a down blanket. If Tuck was living here this winter without any heat in the orphanage, I knew that this was exactly what I would have wanted him to wear. 

The checkout line was interesting. There was this guy, maybe in his early 20s, ahead of us...very curious and staring at us. This is pretty typical in Chongqing. He said, "Hello," in English and asked about Tucker. Ryan shared that he was our son. The guy made a face and didn't seem happy. He kept staring. I kept avoiding eye contact. We left about 3 feet of space between us, and an older gentleman got right in front of us in line. Again, this is completely common in China, so we didn't take it personally. In fact, it's probably good that he got between us...an angel if you will! :) Anyway, we finally made it to the front of the line. The lady checking us out was SUPER sweet and patient. No one buys this many items at one time. And seriously, who in China, with a one child policy, needs this much children's clothing. She counted our money not once, not twice, but maybe 6 times. Then she checked each bill to make sure it was real. Then, she counted the money maybe 2 more times. I was sweating. The line was SUPER backed up. 

Hello, we are from America! We wear shorts in the cold rain, have a Chinese baby in our cart, wear swim suits to the pool in 5 star hotels, and are buying out your entire kids' section of Wal-Mart!!!!! Hope you didn't want any huge fleece outfits for your little one because we just bought them all! 

Oh my, I was so glad to be finished checking out. That is until I noticed that the guy from earlier was waiting for us. Gulp. He was just pacing around us a bit. My paranoia trigger went off, and I told Ryan I was getting nervous. Usually, people just stare, say hello, smile, and move on. Not this guy. He was lingering. He didn't seem happy about my love for sweet baby boy, and he wasn't going anywhere. Ryan said, "I am not going to let anything happen to you and Tuck." Eek! When he got super close again, I said very sternly, "Do you need something?" No, he replied. He kind of walked ahead toward the door a bit. Ryan and I waited to the side to see if he would just go away. We didn't see him and made a quick walk toward the intersection. And there he was again. Double gulp. This is when you become very thankful that you are in a VERY crowded city, in the day time, with lots of businesses open around you. I wish I would've prayed. I wish I would've asked God for protection. Instead, all I could do was hold Tuck in the carrier and walk quickly beside Ryan. We crossed the street...crossed another street...and then looked again. He was gone. Thank you, Jesus! We will never know what that guy was doing or what his story was. Maybe he was just curious. Maybe he was an orphan who was never adopted. Maybe he wasn't 100% stable. I don't know. I'm just glad that we are all ok. Truly, this was the only remotely scary experience we have had in China. Everything else has been so pleasant.

And wouldn't you know it - it happened at Wal-Mart! Newest concept learned in China: Wal-Marts are UNIVERSALLY Hell on Earth. :)

Ryan walked Tuck and me up to our hotel room and then ran to grab dinner. My jeans were soaked halfway up my calves, and Tucker was as warm and dry as could be. We played in the room and visited with the Parsons family, who had just returned from their orphanage visit. Can I just say that I adore this family?? They are just the sweetest people, and I am so thankful to have them on this trip. Carroll Lane is someone I could totally just talk to for hours, and Brad and Ryan seem to get along great. Hope they plan on keeping in touch because we love them! We had made "Welcome Home" signs for their hotel room doors for when they got home. This is what happens when you live next door to each other in a hotel for a week.

Dinner was delicious, and we were happy to eat in the room. Ryan worked with Tucker on how to use a phone. Rather than throwing it, we just pick it up gently, push a few buttons, and talk into it. So sweet!

We FaceTimed the boys, gave Tucker his bottle, and put him to bed. Ryan has been sleeping for at least an hour now, and I am fading fast. I'll leave you with a few pictures.

This is Tucker asleep in my arms the first night we met (stolen from Ryan's phone). And here is our sweet boy snuggled up in his crib. No night terrors tonight so far! Thank you for your prayers for restful sleep. So far, they are being answered. 

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