Day 2: Travel

I'm going to try to write a quick post about yesterday's travel experience before we head out for our tours. We woke up at 3:20 a.m. after only falling asleep at midnight. Six of my best girls had come over the previous night around 9:30, and for about an hour, we just talked and finished our time together with the most amazing prayer time I've ever experienced. I have NEVER in my life heard prayers like those. I sat on our ottoman, and the girls each put their hands on me, praying for every aspect of our trip that you can imagine. Tears streamed down my face the entire time as I listened to the most beautiful prayers. God has really blessed us with the best friends and family on this journey.

The girls left at 10:30 p.m., and I had to wake Ryan up to finish our packing. We were both so wound up that we couldn't sleep until about midnight. I woke up at 3:19 a.m., just one minute before our alarm was scheduled to go off. We took a quick shower, loaded our toiletries, and loaded our bags in Andy Bauermeiser's car (he is the one who ran the 100 mile race). Andy drove us to the airport, and after a quick hug and unloading three large suitcases, we were off.

Check in went smoothly, and we grabbed some McDonald's for breakfast. We made our way to our gate and boarded the plane around 5:30 a.m. We flew to Chicago in under an hour, and then made our way to our new gate. After grabbing a couple bagels, I fell asleep on the floor for about an hour. We boarded our flight to Seattle and flew 4 1/2 hours. Ryan slept quite a bit, and I watched The Lone Ranger. It was a fun movie to keep me occupied! I blogged on the flight but couldn't believe our next flight would be nearly 3 times as long. GULP!

Once we arrived in Seattle, we took a couple trains to reach our new gate, as we were switching airlines. We made it to the Hainan Airline section of the airport, and found some restaurants to grab lunch. Ryan had chicken strips and fries, and I, having my first decent appetite in over 5 days, grabbed some pot stickers and lobster bisque. They were delicious!

Before we knew it, the time had come to board our flight to Beijing. We ended up in the middle section of the plane (two seats on the left, an aisle, four seats in the middle, an aisle, and two more seats on the right). Ryan had an open seat on his left, and a man who had adopted from China 9 years prior was sitting in the farthest seat to Ryan's left. I sat to Ryan's right (aisle seat). It was the biggest plane I've ever flown on, and we started getting really excited! Everything was going so smoothly.

On the flight to China, we quickly popped a Melatonin and fell fast asleep. We woke up an hour later and had beef and rice, a roll, cheese and crackers, cole slaw, and carrot cake. Ryan and I watched Fast and Furious VI to help pass the next chunk of time. For the rest of the flight, we slept off and on, Ryan probably a bit longer than me and an longer chunks of time. I would sleep for about an hour at a time and did that maybe 4-5 times total. I watched 3 episodes of The Big Bang Theory (LOVE THAT SHOW!) and Now You See Me. There is something about Jesse Eisenberg's voice that I just love (yes, the bird's voice in Rio). They served one last meal with 2 hours, 21 minutes remaining. We had fried rice, a muffin, fruit, and juice. I decided to stay awake for the last part of our flight so that I could get good sleep that night. We watched Monster's University - you know, to see if it is something Tucker could watch on the way home - and before we knew it, we were landing!

It was so fun to track our flight and see how we flew over Canada, Alaska, the Bering Strait, Russia, Korea, and then China. Twelve hours after taking off, we landed in our son's birth country.

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likeschocolate said...

So happy you made it to China Safely! You go girl and go love on that baby!

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