Day 16: Last Day in Guangzhou

Last Thursday marked our last day in Guangzhou! I will call this our day of packing and finding random things to do to pass the time. :)

We woke up and had our usual breakfast buffet at the hotel. Oh how I already miss that breakfast! To have someone make you eggs, steamed buns, toast, noodles, fresh fruit, Miso soup, chicken (yes, I ate chicken from breakfast once), and pretty much anything your heart desired...there is nothing like it. I didn't have to go to the grocery...I didn't have to prepare the food. It was just there for the taking! I skipped breakfast today because I was grieving the loss of that buffet.

After breakfast we worked on packing our suitcases for a bit, had lunch, and put Tucker down for a nap. We packed some more, and when Tuck woke up, we decided to walk around some local malls. The malls in China are SUPER SUPER fancy. Like, 90% of the stores I saw are really high end. I believe the first one we went to that day was called the Friendship Mall. After riding about 12 escalators (hence the vertigo issue), we left and walked toward the hotel and ended up going into the Peace World Mall (I think there was an error in translation). Again, this was a nice mall, but we were so excited to spot a place to get Tucker's hair cut. There were two young guys who helped us, and it cost 50 RMB (less than $10 US).

His poor hair was almost covering the top 1 inch of his ears. He started off a little scared...

...but tried to be brave...

...but then the fear became too much. There were tears, but they didn't last long because he got a sucker when he was done. :)

After getting his spiffy new hair cut, we hurried back to the hotel to give him a bath. He was covered in hair! After taking both a bath and then a shower, we went for a walk around the hotel.

Walking down the hallway of the 13th floor
We must have ridden up and down these elevators a million times. I think all of the van rides, elevators, escalators, etc. got the best of us because toward the end of our trip, Ryan and I both were experiencing quite a bit of vertigo. So thankful to have my feet on the ground. I haven't left the house since we got home Friday, and it has been SO nice to just be HOME!!!

The elevators on the 13th floor

The lobby of our hotel. This is the check in/check out area.

How beautiful is that staircase? I was so dizzy walking down it. Vertigo I tell you!
We finally made our way to the children's indoor play area we had heard about...took awhile to find it. When we finally go there, we were a little underwhelmed, but it was still nice to have something to do that was low key. I think the reason I was a little sad is that it honestly reminded me of an orphanage play room. Tucker had a good time nonetheless!


Can you tell how ready Ryan is to leave? We were stuck at the hotel and in the immediate area with nothing to do until we got picked up at 9:30 that night. We ended up grabbing some books on the table behind Tucker and making up crazy stories because everything was in Mandarin (of course). They were all about different creatures and people peeking from behind different objects. Lots of creepers lurking around...we had fun with it! The things you do to pass the time!

There was a castle in the room, and Tuck did have some fun playing inside it for awhile. Ryan even got in there for a bit and was CRACKING ME UP! I have a video but can never figure out how to upload videos to blogger, so I guess that memory will stay between us. Ryan is probably really grateful because he would be so embarrassed if I posted it. We watched it for the first time last night, and I was crying I was laughing so hard!

After playing as long as we could in that room, we left to go grab dinner. We decided on Subway for our last meal, and Ryan got cut in line. Funny how different the rules are in China! We grabbed our sandwiches, both eager to get home.
We ate our dinner, but the butterflies had started for me. I was feeling a little anxious about the traveling that needed to take place to get home. We changed into our travel clothes, finished packing the backs with all of our last minute stuff, and FaceTimed the boys! It was SO SO good to see them, and we loved saying that the next time we would see them, we would be HOME! We were so ready to squeeze them and kiss them!
I went to the lobby to check out. A few minutes after returning to our room, a young guy came up to retrieve our bags. We followed him down the elevator and waited for Miko to arrive. Soon after the van pulled up, and we rode about 30-40 minutes to the airport. By this time, it was around 10:00 p.m., and Tucker was still awake. We walked over to the Asiana Airline area to check in to find the LONGEST line you can imagine. There were SO many people with SO many bags to check. We took a deep breath and settled in for a long wait. I think it took around 45 minutes or so just to get our boarding passes. After that, we tried to give Tucker a bottle, but he was super distracted. By the time we reached security, he had drank the bottle down to 100 ml, which is what we were allowed to take beyond security. It was a funny coincidence! We made it through security but then had to fill out some forms for each of us and go through another area since we were leaving the country, I think. Honestly, we were super tired, Tucker was not happy, and we were a little overwhelmed by all the steps we had to take just to get to our gate, so the details are a little fuzzy. We made it through that area, and then I think we finally got to walk to our gate. We had about 90 minutes until boarding time. We grabbed some sandwiches and ate them as fast as we could. Tucker still hadn't fallen asleep and was being quite the handful, as you would expect with any 2 year old who was still up at nearly midnight.
We knew we had a long day ahead of us still...

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