Day 14: Guangzhou

Yesterday morning we woke up and spent a little time in the room before going down for breakfast. It was fun to just have a lazy morning and actually straighten my hair again. :) It's the little things! After breakfast, we met up with the other three families and our guide. She took us to another wholesale market where we were able to find some Christmas gifts for the boys and other family members. The shops were all quite small, and many of them sold the same items. I think the mall was like 7 or 8 stories high, and we only walked around the bottom four floors. It was SUPER overstimulating to see so many items for sale, so many people (we were told to hold tight to our wallets/purses), and so much noise. It was a busy place! Think Black Friday on steriods - that is the market! :) It was so overwhelming and busy that we did not even snap one picture. Our guide gave us 3 hours to shop, which was about an hour more than we needed, so Tucker, Ryan, and I all went to the area where the bus would pick us up to take us back to the hotel. We gave Tuck some snacks, took some pictures, and then visited with the Fontenots for a bit. What a sweet family! We are so blessed that God crossed our paths.

We got back to the hotel, put Tuck down for a nap, and then finished the movie we had started the previous day. Finally, at 5:30 p.m., we woke up Tucker and decided to walk around our hotel and play at this little playground on the roof of the 4th floor.

The rock garden and elevators on the 13th floor where we've spent the past week.

The pool and showers on the 4th floor roof.

The baby pool (Ryan and Tucker spent time in there today, but the water was freezing!).

How cool is this whale? It was made from these large rocks. 

We took several pictures to remember this night. 

Woo-ta-da! A phrase Tucker is often saying, but we have no idea what it means! Carroll Lane, we have to figure that one out.

Tuck was sad when I wanted to hold him for some pictures.

But then he decided I am silly and funny and let us snap a few pictures. :)

A precious "CHING" from Baba. 

The cute little playground on the roof. I can't wait to take Tuck to our parks at home!

The slide is fun!

So much fun I even went by myself. :) *I was trying to get Tucker to not be afraid of this particular slide.

He liked climbing the steps...

...and the stairs.

After helping him down this tunnel slide several times, he attempted to climb into it by himself. He started to doubt his abilities and almost turned around, but we started encouraging him and cheering for him. He tried again, swung his legs around, and went down that slide all by himself! I was SO SO proud of him! I may have missed his first word. I may have missed his first steps. But, I saw him have the courage to go down that slide by himself for the first time, and I almost had a tear in my eye I was so proud. 

We had so much fun playing that we didn't even notice the sun went down.

Finally, we decided it was time to go get some dinner. More steps and trusting Mama to hold his hand down them. 

We walked to Oggi's for dinner, where they serve Italian food, including delicious pizza. We had waited about 20 minutes too long, and Tuck was in NO MOOD to wait. I am pretty sure he is screaming here while stuffing crackers in his mouth. Ryan is probably taking a deep breath and praying. We do that a lot! :)

After enjoying a sweet dinner of Quattro Formaggi pizza on the floor of our hotel room, Tuck got really silly! It is not easy to take pictures of a moving, wild 2 year old boy (Eek - do I really have 2 two year old boys????). 

Sword fighting with Baba...

Bedtime was quickly approaching. Tucker was standing about 8 feet from me. I looked at him and said, "Tucker." He looked at me, gave me one of his very best smiles, and ran to me with his arms reaching out, and jumped into my arms. 

I melted.

I just hugged him and started crying and thanking God for that moment. Ryan saw the whole thing and came and sat beside me. I just held Tuck and said, "It was worth it. In this moment, I know it is all so very worth it. 

The paperwork.

The waiting.

The suffering.

The pain.

The longing.

The trip across the world. 

It was all worth it. 

Jesus gave His life because He loved us so much...so that we could be adopted into God's family for eternity. I cannot imagine the excrutiating pain and suffering Jesus endured before and during His crucifixion, but He knew the result would be salvation for anyone who places faith in Him. I am so thankful that God loves us so much that not only would He allow us to spend eternity with Him, but He also walks with us every single moment of every single day. We could not have endured the events of the past year without His strength, His truth, and His love.

There is one less orphan in the world. And it's all because of The Lord. That simple truth will never cease to amaze me. I stand in awe of the One who redeems us all...even a little 2 year old boy from China. 

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Liberty said...

So happy for you all! Who better to have two 2 yr old boys than you? No one that's who. You guys are awesome and rocking it. I've said it many times and I'll say it again, so blessed to have walked this journey with you!

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