Day 11: Guangzhou Medical Visit

Saturday morning we woke up at our new hotel, got dressed, and went downstairs to have breakfast. The breakfast is amazing here! So many delicious choices...anything your heart desires. Tuck had no interest in sitting in a high chair that morning, so he sat on Ryan's lap while he ate. I scarfed down my food and then took Tucker outside to look at the waterfall and fish so Ryan could enjoy a meal. I came back inside later, and Ryan said, "You can tell who just adopted Chinese babies. All of their parents are stuffing food in their faces as fast as possible." He was right.

We met Miko in the lobby around 9:30, I think, and go into the big van/small bus to go have the kids' medical evaluations completed. Here we are listening to instructions about what to write on the different forms and what our experience would be like there. 

In order for the US to issue Tucker's Visa to enter the United States, he needs to have a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately, Tucker wanted pretty much nothing to do with me that morning, so Ryan was on full daddy duty during the medical evaluation.

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the prolonged staring in China. It is just so different than how things where we live. This lady in the blue jacket was on her way over to us. She stood right in front of us, like 1 foot away, and just watched each one of us. You're a bit under a microscope, and I can only imagine how many pictures of us are floating around social media. The airport was especially interesting the day before. I'm pretty sure we saw at least 2 people video taping us. That's China for you! Makes me wonder what kinds of strange things they think we do in the US.

Here I am sporting a pony tail yet again. So hard to get ready in the morning before our scheduled departures. Tucker constantly has a snack trap in his hand - like a comfort item - and he will slowly eat the snack all day, sometimes keeping food in his mouth for up to an hour. So sad. Ryan got Tuck's picture taken, and then we waited for Miko to register us. A huge group of adoptive parents came through just after that, which was nice because we beat the large group and didn't have to wait as long. 

Our first stop was to see this doctor. He was very nice, and Tuck wasn't too scared. I took the role as photographer, while Ryan took the role as Baba. :) This was just a general check of heart, lungs, and body.

The next stop was to visit the ENT specialist. You can see her checking his hearing above with a squeaky toy. She checked Tucker's ears (which he didn't appreciate), nose (which went fine), and mouth (which he gladly opened as wide as he could). She was trying to teach us how to say, "Good boy," in Mandarin, but with the mask over her face, we couldn't figure it out, so we had a good laugh instead.

The next station, they measured his weight and height and took his temperature. So far, things were going just fine.

Baba holding Tucker, celebrating 3 out of 4 stations complete. 

The fire alarm went off twice while we were there. The kids loved it!

I quickly distracted the children by breaking out the bubbles. Sorry, no picture of this happy moment since I was the photographer that day. I will say it was awesome to see so many parents adopting children in China. So many kids with special needs would forever have a family! Orphans no more.

The last station was the TB blood test. The kids have to pass this test to get a Visa to the States. The took Tucker behind this door, and we had to stay on the other side. Soon after they shut the door, the crying began. 

Break your heart into a million pieces. I probably should've been the one to take him once he was out, but I didn't think fast enough. I was too busy arranging a sucker to cheer him up. Below he is so sad about his poor arm.

Although I can't provide him with much comfort, this sucker sure did.

When we got back to the hotel, Ryan took Tuck to our room while I went to get food. Talk about a role reversal. So not used to this!

I bought some wontons, fried rice, and beef and noodles. The two latter dishes were way better than US...and cheaper. 

Tuck isn't so much interested in sitting down to eat. He'd rather run around while I put a bit of food in his mouth here and there. Oh boy is he going to hate his high chair. I can hear the screaming now.

While Tuck was down for a nap, I was busy in a meeting with Miko and 3 other adoptive families. We were praying the Visa paperwork to take the Consulate. Our appointment is Wednesday, and we will fly out the day after that once Tucker's Visa is issued. 

I walked back to the room after our meeting, and Tucker woke up minutes later. Ryan handed him over and left the room in an attempt to force some time for building a relationship. Tucker cried and was very sad that Ryan had left the room. I just started playing all kinds of little games on the floor in an attempt to draw Tuck in. He eventually started playing with me and interacting with me. We worked on signing for drink, which he picked up super fast. We also worked on asking for help with sign, and again, he started using it right away. He is very quick and very bright, and we had a good time playing. Ryan stayed away for about 30 minutes before returning to the room. Tuck was super happy to see him, and the three of us played on the floor a bit more.

We left to grab pizza from Pizza Hut, and after placing our order, I ran back to the hotel to pick up paperwork. I met back up with the boys in our room, and I was glad to see Tucker eat a whole piece of pizza and some other things. He was still giving me good eye contact, facial expressions, interaction, and engagement. The evening was going so well. I know he loves baths, so he and I took a bath to continue our play time. We played with stacking cups and splashed the water around. We had a good time! I was thankful that God answered our prayers that he would show some positive steps forward with me. Ryan put Tucker's pajamas on, and then I gave him a bottle. Soon after, I laid him down in his crib and laid beside him on our bed. I held his hand for a bit, and then I drifted off to sleep. I woke up about an hour later, and Tucker was sound asleep. I joined Ryan in our living room area and stayed up late blogging and hanging out with Ryan. 

I was so thankful for how the afternoon and evening had gone. I was hopeful it would transfer and carry over to today.

Unforunately it didn't, and we are back to square one. :(

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