Article 5 Drop Off

It's official!! Our Article 5 and other adoption paperwork was dropped off at the US Embassy in Guangzhou, China last Friday, August 30th. Thank you, Jesus! Our paperwork is going to be processed there for two weeks (overnight last night marked the first week), meaning next Friday, September 13th, our paperwork will be picked up and overnighted to Beijing. Hopefully the CCCWA (governing body for adoptions in China) will receive our paperwork on September 16th, and then we will wait for them to issue our Travel Approval (TA). Oh, we are so close you guys!!

As far as I can tell (have not had final confirmation from our agency yet), the CCCWA will have the 19-21 off work due to their Mid-Autumn Festival. They will also have a holiday to celebrate National Day October 1-7 and will not work those days. However, I believe they will work September 22, 28, and 29 over the weekend. So, if things go just like that, they will have 14 working days to issue our TA. Once we have TA, we will schedule our Consulate Appointment (CA). This appointment will determine when we actually go to China, and it takes place the second week of our trip.

Typically, Gotcha Day (the day we meet Tucker) takes place on Monday, but we are hoping Tuck's province will allow an October 8th Gotcha Day since they are closed October 7th. Then, we would have our CA the following week. This appears to be the soonest we would be able to go to China, and so we are praying that this is God's will for our family. Noah is on Fall Break October 14-25, so it would be wonderful to all be home together from China the second week of his break. I would only lose one week of my maternity leave, too, that way.

Please pray that God moves mountains for us to meet our son October 8th! We will need TA before September 30th for that to be possible. :) The sooner we get it, the better for scheduling everything else. Thank you!

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