Tucker's Puzzle is Framed!

I want to say thank you again to all of the families who donated to our Puzzle Fundraiser in June! We finally got the puzzle framed, and it turned out perfectly. We can't wait to hang it in Tuck's room. We cannot wait to tell Tucker about all of the families who loved him even before he came home. We will treasure this always!

Larsen Family, Abs Bunco Girls, Casper Family, Brewer Family, Charles and Jo Setser, Noah Abell, Meaghan Byers, Gale Smith, Jennifer and  Olivia Cameron, The Noll Family, Sarah Stallard, Kelli Phillips Family, Chris and Chloe, Ahfeld Family, Limeberry Family, Kelley Berry and Family, Nancy Zimmerman, Matis Family, Chrenko Family, Cogswell Family, Erin Whitt, Balzar Family, Irwin Family, Kerri and Casey Walls, Deaton Family, Hennessey Family, Beth Burr, Bauermeister Family, Rachelle and Keith Lowe, Moore Family, Caitlin Sautter, Reibly Family, Sarah Stallard, Morris Family, Costello Family, Angie Till and Family, Bill and Lisa Turner, Earnest Family, Syers Family, Grove Family, Farrant Family, Krouse Family, Tolle Family, Holly Hicks, Linda and Kent Bauer, Tom and Danette Till, Vokurka Family, Megan Wolfe, Fitzgerald Family, Katie Miltner and Scott Dust, Jennifer Rose, Milano Family, Lori Beaupre, Richardson Family, Molly Evert, The Brink Family, The Littlefield Family, Whitney Fowler, Kelley Berry, Amy Norris, Jennifer Cameron, Peter and Jo Scott, Black Family, Boone Family, Franken Family, Linda Simmons, Viktor Rodriguez, Kandice Durbin, Hildebrand Family, Jessica Anderson, Jeanne Floyd, Kohlmann Family, Schilt Family, Dan Till and Family, Whitesell Family, Laurie Gridley, Widner Family, Juliette and John Perko, The Marinos, Stacy Talbott, Jessica Beretta, Janoski Family, Gilchrist Family, John and Gloria Abell, Ciochina Family, Pffaffenberger Family, Beth and Carlos, Kay and Larry Gleeson, Mick and Colleen Bouska, Dick and Ardis Tolle, Katie Shocklee, Gina Short's Family, Wagner Family, Schneider Family, Amber Blackburn, Laura Kirkland, Dittmer Family, Mercer Family, Cornpropst Family, Cantlon Family, Miranda Baker, Ann and Larry Schmidt, Joey and Katey Till, Ward Family, Niehaus Family, Thompson Family, Shartzer Family, Erin and Larry Eckert, Houghtons and Abue, Enciso Family, Lapkovitch Family, Sarah Stallard, Nattie Till, Waterson Family, Ferguson Family, Amber and Jimmy Linn, Tylette Watmough, Jessie and Shelva, Tim and Marie Dowling, Pat Till, Kim and Tim Gray, Eric and Laura Hoots, and Shannon Greika.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Tara said...

I watched you speak at Emmanuel this weekend and was so excited! I related so much to what you shared. We brought our little guy home from Serbia in February. Bogdan has Down syndrome just like his brother Eon, who first introduced us to the world of special needs and eventually to special needs adoption. I think you summed it up perfectly when you said, "He needs a home and we have a home." EXACTLY!!! I would love to be a support to you on this journey. Feel free to email me. THANK you for sharing at our church! :)

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