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As many of you know, our friend Andy Bauermeister is running a ONE HUNDRED MILE RACE in Leadville, CO on August 17, 2013, and through this race, he and his wife Lisa are raising money to help Tucker and other orphans come home. You will never guess what happened YESTERDAY!

76 families donated $5009!!!

This means that our family now has enough funds to pay all our final fees and travel costs to bring Tucker home!

When Ryan and I began this journey and decided not to build what we called our "dream home," we had $25,000 saved to put in our "Adoption Savings Account" (Praise the Lord!). Then we held the puzzle fundraiser, and thanks to the donations of 124 people, we were able to put another $5,254.75 ($170.26 went to Paypal fees) into our Adoption Savings Account. Thanks to the help of many people, we were able to raise another $1,343.28 by holding a multi-family garage sale over 3 days. This brought us to a grand total of $31,598.03.

We are Dave Ramsey people to the core and have been for 6 years. His guidelines changed our lives and how we handle our finances. We knew we would probably have to dip into our "Emergency Fund" to pay for the rest of our adoption fees, which are difficult to predict when you don't know how much your airfare, hotel, etc. will cost because you don't know until the last second when you will even travel. This is when Lisa and Andy approached our family about the current fundraiser they are holding called #runningtuckerhome. Their goal has been to raise $5,000 for our family, and any money that we do not use to bring Tuck home will be given to other adoptive families. Then, as if that wasn't enough, they are trying to raise another $5,000 to bring other children home. I mean, seriously, who has friends like that?? Apparently, we do! I have seen so many adoption fundraisers over the past year, but I have NEVER seen adoptive parents' friends raising money for other adoptive families, too.
As of this moment, EIGHTY families have donated a total of $5,134 toward #runningtuckerhome, and we don't even know most of them. This includes sweet Grace, a twelve year old young lady who held a China-themed babysitting night and raised $431. God is lifting the hearts of people to continue giving to now help other children come home. It is amazing! My friend, Jessica, designed #runningtuckerhome t-shirts, and 50 people signed up for one (thank you!!!). That means approximately $500 will soon be added to Lisa and Andy's fundraiser total, putting them even that much closer to the $6,000 mark.

Andy runs ONE HUNDRED MILES in 18 days, which means they have less than 3 weeks to reach their goal of $10,000 for orphans. I seriously think they can do it! Many of you have stated that you would like to donate, and I want to encourage you to follow through with that decision. Every penny donated will be used to help families who are waiting, just like us, for the day they can bring their children home.
Thank you for always for your prayers,  your generosity, and your love as we wait for our LOA.

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