Six Days Later

Today I was in awe of the contributions to our fundraiser to bring Tucker home! We started the morning with a coworker pushing us to the $3,000 mark, and I stood amazed at our Day Six total. One of my favorite donations can be seen in pictures below. Three weeks ago, Ryan and I started giving Noah an allowance. His jobs include feeding our dog, Kya, twice per day and making his bed each morning. Every Sunday, we give him $1.50. He gets to put $1 in his "Spend Jar," 25 cents in his "Save Jar," and 25 cents in his "Give Jar." He took everything from his piggy bank, exchanged those coins for dollar bills, and split that money into his 3 jars.

We have been talking to Noah about the different ways he could give his money away. This morning, when he counted his money, Noah realized he had $5 to give away. I told him that I wanted him to pray about the best way to give that money away and shared with him that Ryan and I do the same thing. We pray each month and see where we feel led to give our money. I mentioned some different options, including the puzzle fundraiser. About 20 minutes later, Noah found me and said, "Mommy, I've decided how I want to give my money away. I want to help bring Tucker home." My heart melted!! I am so happy to be instilling a giving mentality in my son. Someday, he will find himself passionate about different things, and I can't wait to see what causes he supports financially. 

Since last night's post on this blog, we had TWELVE families give to our fundraiser for a total of $895. INCREDIBLE!! As always, we are grateful for any amount regardless if it is $5 or $500. As of tonight, the grand totals are: 

Number of Families = 70
Number of Puzzle Pieces = 739
Total Donations = $3,695

Yesterday (6/10/13)
Today (6/11/13)
Is that unbelievable or what?? We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude and love. I am so excited to see so many people who care so much about our family and for our son in China to help us with this fundraiser. We cannot wait to pay it forward!!

If you are interested in donating to our fundraiser, please follow the link: http://youcaring.com/bringtuckerhome.

Thank you!!

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