Out of Translation

Well, the good news is that we found out on Friday that all of our documents have been translated from English to Mandarin, which is called being Out of Translation (OOT). This is the first step to getting our Letter of Acceptance (LOA). We are guessing/hoping that we have been OOT for awhile, but they are just now able to enter that into their new computer database. HOORAY!!! We are very hopeful that we will find out that we are LOA soon once they start entering those into the database, as well! Thank you for your continued prayers. Once we receive our LOA, we will likely travel in 8-12 weeks! :)

More than 230 people read my last blog post about the Bauermeister family! Can you believe that a mere 10 families have already donated $830 toward Andy's goal of $10,000!!! That is just incredible. Again, Lisa and Andy are designating the first $5,000 to our family to help pay for final fees and travel, but any money we do not use will be given to other adoptive families. The second $5,000 they raise will be given to other adoptive families, as well! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We are blown away by the support, prayers, love, and encouragement from so many people. You guys are praying us to China, and I can feel your prayers every day. We hope that many of you who are on the fence about adopting for financial reasons will be encouraged by seeing the outcomes of these fundraisers.

Tonight, while we are all sleeping, I have some very special friends meeting their children for the first time in China! Kelley is a friend from Georgia, and her son, Regis, lives in the same orphanage as Tuck. I have known Kelley for many months now, as we talk many times a day on FB about our journeys. By selling some adorable t-shirts that she designed, Kelley was able to raise $1,200 in order to buy items for the orphanage. I can't wait to see what she buys for them! My friend, Jenn, is from Ohio, and she met her daughter Olivia while on a mission trip to China. As of any minute now, Jenn and Olivia will be a forever family!! Liberty is another awesome momma I've met from California. She is meeting her son in just a few hours. They give me hope and help me realize that someday we will be in China, too! It will happen someday! I don't think I will sleep until I see pictures of each of them with their sons/daughter. Then, I will probably cry a bucket of happy tears! I also have two other friends, Lauren and Whitney, who have had their daughters in their arms for a week now. It has been incredible to see them with their girls!!

So many things to celebrate today in China, and hopefully we will have an LOA to celebrate before the week is over. Keep praying! Thank you so much!

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Crystal M said...

Thanks for sharing! We just found out too that we are OOT, but I don't know when since our agency doesn't usually notify us of it. I hope we will both be in the air soon!

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