It is Finished!

We have officially closed the website for our puzzle fundraiser to bring Tucker home! Whoo hoo!!! Our final total was $5,425. Thank you again to everyone who gave so generously and thoughtfully to help our family!!
Today we received a surprise email from our social worker with two new pictures and two videos of our son. We treasure each and every one of them! In the past, every picture we've gotten has brought me so much joy. This time, I have to be honest, my heart broke a little. Tucker has gotten so big from the initial pictures we saw of him. He is growing and growing each day, which is definitely a blessing, but in our minds he is still the little boy in the green shirt eating his birthday cake. Those pictures were taken at the end of April. In just two months' time, he has grown and changed so much! Now when I think of him, he will be the little boy in blue. I long to have him sleeping in his bed in the room we have prepared for him. Please, Lord, help our baby come home.
Tomorrow makes Day 82 of our wait for LOA. Officials in China have been releasing Travel Approvals for families, which is the second to last step in an adoption. We haven't seen any LOAs come through since the second to last week of May. I am hoping and praying that when they are released, there will be a HUGE HUGE batch of them and that our LOA is one of them. I have many friends waiting right alongside of me, and I have other friends just got permission to travel to China at the end of this week. I cannot wait until it is our turn.
Thank you for your continued prayers! We are blessed in this journey with all of you by our sides.

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C Moser said...

Hi. I've been watching your blog the last couple weeks because we are both on the same timeline to adopt boys from China! Have you heard anything else? Our agency told me 6/17 that it would probably be a few more weeks for us (LID 3/14). Where are you finding update info? --crystal@jmhatchery.com

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