Garage Sale Adventures

I have done many things in my life, but never have I ever held a garage sale. We sold our first home in May 2012 and immediately moved into a rental home owned by some friends. The majority of belongings were in storage, and when we moved into our new house in April 2013, we had so many things that we no longer needed. Typically, we just donate items to Goodwill or Wheeler Mission, but this time, to help raise money for the adoption, we decided to hold our first garage sale.

What I thought would be a sale of old household items, lots of baby stuff, toys, and clothing turned into a huge multifamily garage sale! Word seemed to spread quickly by our friends what we were trying to do, and before we knew it, several families began bringing stuff to our house to sell. It was amazing!

There is SO much more stuff than is pictured in this photo. Seriously, I can't describe the amount of stuff we had to sell. For a first garage sale, and having no clue what I was doing, it was a huge undertaking. We had just finished the Puzzle Fundraiser, where people donated only to begin another HUGE project. Let me tell you - Ryan was thrilled!

We held the sale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of last week, and after a few more sales once the garage sale was finished, we made $1,343.28. My hope was $1,000, and once again, God showed up and showed off!! It was awesome depositing that into our Adoption Savings Account this morning (even if the boys were crazy at the bank). 

I have so many stories to share and people to thank, so please continue to follow along below.

1. Thank you to the Ward, Earnest, Bauermeister, Turner, Milano, Limeberry, Tolle, Walls, and Bauer Families for donating so many wonderful items to our garage sale!!

2. Thank you to Dalia Tolle for spending at least 10 hours at my house helping me organize, price, and arrange garage sale items. That was a lot of time to spend away from her family, and I am so grateful!

3. Thank you to Claire Black for helping me price the kids' and women's clothing! I was dreading that part and left it for last. You came just in time!!

4. Thank you to the Dittmer, Milano, Ward, Tolle, and Wampler families for letting me borrow your huge tables and clothing racks! Everything was organized so well because I had so many places to put things.

5. Thank you to Ryan for helping bring everything upstairs from the basement, as well as helping me arrange the tables at 5:30 a.m. before you left town for an early meeting!

6. Thank you to my dad and Danette for keeping Noah all week so that he could attend Vacation Bible School at their church. It was great to have one less kid that week while we prepared for this project!

7. Thank you to Christy Brink and her two daughters for watching Liam and keeping him happy all day while I was holding the sale on Thursday. Christy even made me pancakes and served them with lots and lots of butter. My favorite! Despite my best efforts to talk her out of it, she also did the dishes. #amazingfriend

8. Thank you to my mom for showing up at 7:30 a.m. ready to rock the garage sale!! I was nervous and only had 4 hours of sleep the night before. I couldn't have pulled off that first day without her!! We made $500 that day, and my mom was adding up totals, answering questions, and bagging people's items like nobody's business.

9. Thank you to Ryan's coworker who was our very first customer. She bought items for her granddaughter and didn't get upset when my sleep-deprived brain added her items up to be $34 when the actual total was like $9. Once we sorted that out, she gave me a $20 bill and said to keep the change. #tears

10. Thank you to God for the perfect weather! The mornings were nice and cool and ended up sunny and steamy. No rain and a beautiful breeze kept us cool.

11. Thank you to a neighbor and her daughters for showing up three different times to buy items. It was nice meeting them, and they bought a ton of stuff! Not sure how I should feel knowing that a 6th grader was buying my clothes to wear. #indenial #iamnotthirtyone

12. Thank you to a coworker who surprised us with a $50 check in the mail and a sweet note! Incredible.

13. Thank you to Lisa Bauermeister for coming that first day with her daughter to check in and help when needed!

14. Thank you to Lisa and Natalie for bringing their plastic bags over when I accidentally gave our entire supply to a man who was one of our first customers. #oops

15. Thank you to Dalia Tolle for talking me into bringing Liam to her house to stay the night Thursday. It allowed me to hang new signs around town, as well as clean up my house!

16. Thank you, Ryan, for insisting we have a gun. I slept with it by my bed all night because I was home alone while our address was totally exposed on signs, Craigslist, and Facebook. #iamnotjoking

17. Thank you to Matt Limeberry for stopping by at 5:45 a.m. before you went to work in order to help me move the tables back outside. It was bad timing for Ryan to be out of town for business, but you made up for it!

18. Thank you to Jessica Limeberry for bringing me a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuit that morning for breakfast. It is all I ate until at least 7:00 p.m. Friday night!

19. Thank you to Kerri Walls for helping me with the sale Friday morning and then watching Liam after Dalia brought him home. He had a great time with you!! I loved our time chatting and catching up. #amazingfriend

20. Thank you to Brittany Perez for not only showing up to shop at our garage sale, but also for remembering that 5 years ago I told you that Cherry Coke was my favorite. How you remembered that, I don't know! You are amazing. It was SO cold and was delicious...also giving me a good caffeine fix after getting only 4 hours of sleep again (refer to #16 for more information). As if that wasn't enough, you surprised me with a card and a donation to our adoption. Tears! You are incredible. #iloveyou

21. Thank you to Bridgette (sp?), the sweetest Catholic woman who stopped by our sale on the way to pray at the church behind our house. You lifted my spirits, and I just knew God made our paths cross for a reason that day. I loved your heart and appreciated your encouragement in our journey. Thank you for buying items (that you were donating to another needy family) to support our adoption. Mostly, thank you for praying for our son and our situation. I close my eyes and can just see those candles burning brightly. I pray our paths cross again.

22. Thank you to Lisa Bauermeister for bringing me a McDonald's coke (Gasp! I know they are terrible for you, but they are SO delicious!). It was SO cold while the weather was so hot. You knew just what I needed without me even asking!! #thatisthebest

23. Thank you to the lady who came FOUR different times for more items! You were awesome. Sorry we ran out of queen sized sheets!

24. Thank you to the man who asked lots of questions about our adoption and then purchased a $1 calculator. When you pulled out a $100 bill and told me to keep the change, I almost fell out of my chair. I am almost NEVER speechless, yet you walked away, and I couldn't speak. I hope you felt my gratitude as I tried to hold it together and thank you for the gift you gave our family. #thegenerosityofstrangers

25. Thank you to Kylie Casper for not only buying some of my nicest baby items (I love knowing that someone will treat them well!), but thank you for so generously giving beyond the cost of your purchase. I am so excited for you! Congratulations!! :)

26. Thank you to the very many people who gave us more than their total items were worth and told us to keep the change! Praying that your generosity is blessed.

27. Thank you to Dalia for showing up again on Day 3 offering to help us with the sale. You brought bagels and coffee. I don't know what I did to deserve a friend like you, but I sure am thankful that God brought you into my life 3 1/2 years ago. #lifewiththetolles

28. Thank you to Ryan for helping me organize the leftover sale items and tear everything down. That was a huge task that I didn't think we could complete in one afternoon. You are a rock star! #actsofservice #lovelanguage

29. Thank you to Kevin Tolle for just "being in the neighborhood" and offering to deliver the tables we borrowed from various families for us. Your horn and the big white truck threw me for a loop, and I was glad it was you! You didn't even mind loading up my car with stuff for Goodwill. Ryan has the best friends in the entire world. #papi

I am so afraid I am forgetting the kindness of someone. I even made a list in hopes that I wouldn't miss anyone. The only reason we made $1,343.28 is because of all the people I mentioned who were willing to give their time and went out of their way to help our family. We are SO SO blessed in this journey! I have never felt so humbled in my life.

Ryan and I started to financially give to the needs we saw around us in August 2005. We were always told that we would be rewarded for that giving, and I always felt intrinsically rewarded. I have loved seeing the needs around us and being able to give back what God has given us. To be on the other end now...to be the receiver of these gifts...it is something I have never experienced before. I just continue to praise God and thank Him for bringing all of you into my life. I love you!

Still waiting for LOA. Thank you for praying!

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