By the Numbers

As a school psychologist, I am often analyzing numbers to look for patterns that help explain the bigger picture. So, naturally, I was interested in analyzing the numbers of the fundraiser. This is what I learned:

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE: The number of contributions made to our fundraiser

FIVE THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED, FIVE: The amount of money contributed overall.

THREE: The highest number of donations given by one person.

FIVE to FIVE HUNDRED: The amount of dollars given in one donation.
THREE: The lowest number of donations giving in one day (Day 1)
TWENTY-SEVEN: The highest number of donations given in one day (Day 8)

TWENTY-FOUR: The number of contributions from Hanover College friends.

ELEVEN: The number of donations given by friends in the Adoption Community

NINTEEN: The number of friends from Greenwood/Church who contributed to the fundraiser.

FIFTEEN: The number of donations given by Family members.

TWENTY-FIVE: The number of coworkers/previous coworkers who donated.

SIXTEEN: The number of high school friends who contributed.

FIVE: The number of family friends who donated to the fundraiser.

FOUR: The number of our friends' family members who contributed.

TWO: The number of complete strangers who made a donation.

 NINE: The number of donations made AFTER we reached our $5,000 goal.

*ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE: The number of times I was brought to tears in 8 days (that's gotta be some kind of record).*

(You guys are amazing!! So blessed to have each one of you in our lives.)

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