48 Hours Later

You guys are amazing!! Forty-eight hours later, and look how many puzzle pieces have been sponsored! I am astounded at the progress being made toward our goal of $5,000.

Number of Families= 31
Number of Puzzle Pieces = 231
Total Donations = $1,155

I am truly overwhelmed by the love you are showing our family! To have 31 families feel invested in bringing home a two year old boy from China...it is a picture of love. Each time I write the names of the family, I find myself praying for each individual one. I pray that God blesses each one of you!

I was so excited to launch the fundraiser, I forgot to share one very important detail. Venus Puzzle is the company made the puzzle for us. Just click Venus Puzzle to visit the website. When I reached out to the company to share what we were doing, they donated the entire puzzle to us!! How incredible is that?? A 1,000 piece custom puzzle like this is $49.90 plus the cost of shipping. So, I want to make sure to publicly thank this company for helping the least of these. We love Venus Puzzle!

If you would like to sponsor any puzzle pieces, please visit our fundraising website: http://youcaring.com/bringtuckerhome.

Thank you for continued prayers while we wait!

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