Birthday Party

On Saturday we threw the boys a combined birthday party, celebrating with cakes from Liam's favorite TV show and Noah's favorite obsession interest. Usually, I go a little crazy with birthday parties, and with the our recent move, Ryan begged me to scale things back. I am the gas pedal, and he is the brakes, and this is one time when I can actually say I am thankful for that! I followed his lead, making only one birthday cake, buying one of the birthday cakes (gasp!), purchasing a banner (gasp!), and not decorating with the exception of six balloons (gasp!). You know what? It was glorious!

Liam loves the PBS cartoon Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It is the cutest cartoon that teaches kids about appropriate behaviors and social skills. Not only is it a great cartoon for little ones, but my kids actually generalize what they learn on that show to real life situations completely on their own. Plus, it gives me 20-30 minutes to get something done without interruptions. It's a win-win situation!

My friend Lisa is an expert with decorating cakes, so I asked if she could help me with Liam's cake this year. Another win-win for us because I got to learn how to decorate a cake like this, and we got to have girl time! I baked a strawberry cake for his face and lemon cake for his ears. Lisa had me draw his face, and then she went to work while I prepped other party food.

A cake this cute deserves three pics!
Pretty incredible, right??? I was SUPER impressed, and Liam really loved his cake! Lisa stayed until well past midnight, and we had a great time. Love that girl! :) I am kicking myself for not taking your picture next to the cake, Lis.

I asked Noah if he preferred that I make Skylander cookies or order a Skylander cake. He chose the cake, and I secretly celebrated inside. Noah was introduced to this video game by his cousin, Micah, and he is pretty crazy about it. He has been drawing Skylanders and talking Skylanders and dreaming Skylanders for about 4 months. So, for his birthday, we celebrated with all things Skylander.

To keep things simple, we invited our immediate family and our friends Kevin and Dalia (and their kids) because they take care of the boys this year while I'm working. They are like second parents to Liam especially, and he adores them. I am starting to think Liam speaks better Spanish then Ryan and me now. I can already tell that Kevin will be someone Noah can talk to someday when he is struggling with something. We are so blessed that our children are loved by so many people! Nearly everyone had a decent drive to get to our house, and we had a wonderful time celebrating with them.

I just love this picture of Noah with his Grandma Till!
After enjoying some Jimmy Johns sandwiches, chips & queso, corn salsa, taco dip, candy dipped pretzel rods, chips, veggie pizza, and a rainbow fruit platter complete with marshmallow clouds (can't believe I didn't take pictures!!), the kids went to play in the basement. We are leaving it unfinished for at least 5 years (unless we keep adopting little ones...then it might be ten), and the kids LOVE playing down there. We have them set up with all of their bikes, cozy coupe, scooters, roller coaster, etc. They had a blast playing!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 riding the scooter together
After some play time, we brought back up the crazies and enjoyed those delicious birthday cakes! We sang to Liam first, and then Noah had a turn. Loved seeing them smile and blow out their candles.

Ryan and I got Noah his Skylander Giants game, and he got to open it soon after eating cake. He and Liam were given so many other wonderful gifts from our family and friends. We don't buy the kids many toys throughout the year, so birthdays and Christmas are a big deal in that department. It got a little crazy trying to corral Liam so that he would open his gifts. I kept saying, "I can't believe I will have two little ones next year PLUS Noah to celebrate with next year. Oh it will be quite an entertaining situation! My favorite part of gift opening was when Liam started doing his famous run. He puts his fists up like a boxer, pushes his lips out, and sticks his head out and runs in slow motion. Wish I had a video!

He is quite the entertainer! Ryan and I truly, truly worry about him. He likes to be silly and make people laugh so much! I can hear the phone ringing now with calls from his teachers...

Noah had his cousin Micah spend the night, which was such a treat! They boys just played all night and fell right to sleep once we got them to bed. We had so much fun celebrating with everyone and can't wait to throw a party or THREE little boys next year!


LeAnne Cooper said...

What size cake pans did you use for Daniel Tiger's face and ears?

Amy said...

I used 10" and 4" pans :)

CPrince said...

I know this is an older post but my daughter is dying to have a Daniel Tiger party...so my question is for the lighter brown did you use food coloring? Thank you so much for sharing this awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

What type of frosting did you use

Amy said...

Yes, I created my own colors just by trial and error. I used the small containers of icing coloring (gel) rather than the liquid food coloring.

Amy said...

I made my own buttercream icing and then colored with gel icing coloring.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Did you free hand the face of Daniel or how did you do that? What color gel coloring did you use for Daniel the orangey color?

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