The other night, I got a text from a friend who is coincidentally our youth pastor at church. He wrote, "Message tonight was on prayer. One prayer station was a world map where students prayed for issues, missionaries, and other things. Here are a couple pictures of what students wrote...one in particular I think you'll find interesting."

You can imagine the tears that fell from my eyes seeing this simple plea to God to protect our son and to bring him home. It is one thing for us to pray for Tucker, but to know that others are praying alongside us is just overwhelming. God is hearing all of our prayers! I am in a really good place of peace right now, and I have several pictures now where Tuck is smiling. Amazing how a little dimpled smile can bring such relief. I am thankful for the distractions found in our temporarily extra-busy lives. It is helping to pass the time while we wait for Letter of Acceptance (LOA).

To the person who wrote this prayer, thank you for loving our son and our family! It brought me so much joy, and I can't wait to share this with Tucker someday. God bless you!

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