Questions, Questions...Who has a Question?

I know so many of you are following this journey, and we have so appreciated your support and encouragement the past 6 months. Now, I am hoping to accomplish a few things by sharing our story and experiences with the adoption process.

First, I want to bring awareness to the orphan crisis in this world

Second, I want to provide information about the adoption process.

Third, I want to encourage others who are considering growing their family through adoption and/or want to be part of the movement to end the orphan crisis.

Fourth, I want to inspire people to take this exciting leap of faith. Outside of my pregnancies and deliveries of Noah and Liam, I have never experienced anything so incredible in all my life. Because it has been so amazing, I naturally want others to share in this experience!
So, what kinds of questions do you have about adoption, in general or specifically? For example...

Some of you might be curious why there are boys available for adoption in China? I've heard so many times, "Aren't there only girls available in China?" Let's talk about it!

Other people might want more information about the cost of adoption in China. I would love to tell you about it!

People want to know why the adoption process takes so long? Are you one of them?

Some people will be curious about the support you can find during the adoption process, as they worry what family members or friends might think (Hint: it's amazing!!!).

People will want to know about special needs adoptions (e.g., what SN means, why you would pursue a child with SN, etc.).

Some have wondered what happens to orphans in China if they are not matched with a family? I can share that with you.

Others know that adoption is not in the cards for them right now (or maybe ever) but want to get involved. They have asked how to help. Would you like to know?

I can think of a dozen questions you might have, and I would love to address them. Hopefully I won't regret opening this can of worms, but if I'm going to provide information and bring awareness, I know I might need to answer hard questions along the way.

So let's do it. Who's first??


AVokurka said...

Okay, I have a few:)

How do families handle the cost of adoption?

What qualifies a child as special needs?

How did you ultimately decide on China?

What are the travel requirements?

Kell said...

I love this idea Amy! Awesome questions- I had all of these before I started.

Whitney said...

Great idea! It is an amazing journey, isn't it?!?!

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