Log In Date

L-I-D. Three little letters with so much significance! These letters mean that China has officially logged us into their system, as they now approve us to be adoptive parents for a child in their country!


We applied to our agency on September 6, 2012, and since that time, we have had to complete so many requirements, each having its own specific purpose, all to protect the little one we bring home. All of that work was compiled into 15 different documents that were sent to China in the form of a dossier (Dossier to China = DTC). Receiving our LID means that the officials have reviewed our Dossier and are giving us a thumbs up!

For people who have not yet found their child by viewing Waiting Children lists, once they have LID they can begin getting receiving referrals from their agency for children who are released on the Shared List each month. The shared list comes out tonight (8:00 a.m. China time), so families will start getting referrals sometime tomorrow.

Because we have already found the little guy we want to be our son, officials are now reviewing our Letter of Intent (LOI), which we wrote at the beginning of February. Our little guy could not be officially "matched" with our family until we had LID, though some children are eligible for matching prior to LID.

So, now we wait for two more very special letters...the letters I have been most anxious to receive:

PA = Preapproval

If they give us PA for this little boy, I will be sobbing like a crazy woman and posting his picture for all to see! Prepare yourselves for one of the most precious little boy you've ever laid eyes on.

Thank you for your prayers while we again do our least favorite four letter word!


Timeline Update:

07/19/12 - Felt calling to adopt a child with CL/CP
08/04/12 - Made the decision to adopt
09/06/12 - Submitted application to Lifeline Children Services
09/24/12 - Submitted application to a MLJ for Home Study
11/02/12 - Submitted binder to MLJ with Home Study requirements
12/18/12 - Finalized Home Study Report completed
12/20/12 - USCIS received our Immigration application
12/31/12 - Fingerprint appointment date and time received
01/23/13 - 10:45 a.m. Call from Lifeline - saw our son!!!
01/23/13 - 11:00 a.m. Fingerprint appointment at USCIS
02/11/13 - I-797 Approval - Allows us to bring a child into the US
02/21/13 - State Authentications
03/01/13 - Chinese Consulate Authentication
03/01/13 - Letter of Intent (LOI) - not processed until after LID
03/04/13 - Dossier to China (DTC)
03/20/13 - Log In Date (LID)
               - Pre-Approval (PA)
               - Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
               - I-800 (Immigration Application for our son)
               - National Visa Center
               - Article 5
               - Travel Approval (TA)
               - Depart
               - Meet Our Son!!!
               - Consulate Appointment
               - Home!!!

1 comment:

Whitney said...

It's a process any way it is done. The excitement and anticipation make you want to explode over the months. And then the journey to bring him "out!" So happy for you all-and excited too!

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