Franklin Fall Festival

Ever since we moved to this area, we have gone to the Franklin Fall Festival each year. It's the perfect opportunity to breathe some fresh, cool, Fall air, to enjoy the quaint area of downtown Franklin, and to eat some delicious fair food (AKA: ribeye steak sandwiches and fried biscuits with apple butter).
I am just smitten by these brothers' love for each other!
Noah was really resistant to going into the bounce house. They are like his all time favorite thing, but when they are crowded, he really prefers to just stay away from them. I finally coerced him to go in, but then he really didn't want to go down the slide. I explained that he would be afraid to do it the first time, but after he went down the slide just once, he would want to do it over and over again. Miraculously, Noah climbed the stairs and down he went!



Gone! (and of course Mom was right)

Dalia, Kevin, their kids, and Kevin's parents joined the fun! I adore this family and tell them all of the time that this wouldn't be home without them. They are some of the greatest friends we've ever had, and I love their kids so much! Dalia took care of Noah when he was 2 and now watches Liam while I'm at work two days a week (and both kids on my half day). Dalia is truly like my sister, and Kevin is one of Ryan's best friends! We are blessed.

I love this little guy! I'm not sure if all of you know this, but Liam has acquired a nickname that I'm worried will never go away: Bert. Seriously, Bert. Ryan started calling him Bert months and months ago, and I quickly picked up on the habit, as did Noah. Extended family started calling him Bert, and now even friends and their kids call him Bert. Poor kid! Liam is such a cute name, but he's our little Bert Bert nonetheless.

We ran into some old friends from Hanover, Holly and Adam at the festival. They both seem very involved in the Franklin community, and we see them each year at the festival. Holly's business is sponsoring It's a Wonderful Life at the Historic Artcraft Theatre in December and recently gave us tickets! It's one of our favorite Christmas movies, and we are already SUPER excited for this date night together. Thanks, Holly!

Are these pictures of Dalia and the kids beautiful or what?? I am crossing my fingers that Nate and Liam will be best buddies and that Noah and Ava will always be close.

We had a wonderful time watching the parade and spending the day with friends.It was fun to get outside and just enjoy the day together!

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