I-800A Update

In my last adoption post, I mentioned that our I-800A application for immigration was sent to USCIS on Decemeber 20, 2012. We received a notice on December 31, 2012 (11th day of a 14 day wait) that USCIS received our application. It was fun to celebrate one more step on New Year's Eve! Now, sometime between January 10th and January 14th, we should receive the date and time of our biometric fingerprint appointment. We hope to walk in early anyway to see if they will take our fingerprints before our appointment time just to speed things along. We will see! I believe we will go to the Gateway Plaza Building at 10th and Meridian Street downtown Indy.

Hopefully next time I write we'll have that appointment time! In the meantime, we are gathering documents for our dossier. My latest project has been gathering 10 pictures with captions to send to China. That was actually a lot of fun because it gave me the chance to review all the things we did this past year. Ryan and I also applied for our passports on January 2, 2013. Mine was a renewal, but this is Ryan's first passport. I used an awesome website (http://portraitbooth.com/) to create FREE passport pictures for both of us. I paid 29 cents to print a 4x6 at Target, which gave us 6 passport pictures. If you get them taken at Walgreens, the post office, or places like that, you will pay $11-15 for just TWO pictures. Isn't that ridiculous? So anyway, use that website. It was super easy!

I have learned so much already in this process, and I keep learning something new each day. It's awesome to think that 2013 could very well be the year we meet our newest family member!

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