We Are Blessed

For months now, I've hardly written in this blog, and when I have, I've mostly written about where we are with the adoption. For the first two months, I felt like I had to live, eat, and breathe adoption paperwork and to-do lists. However, since November, I've had way more time to just enjoy Ryan and the kids!

I had a two week break from work during October for Fall Break (I love the new balanced calendar!). We decided to take a quick trip to St. Louis, as it's one of the many places we put on our list of places to visit. We left one Friday night after work and drove to Edwardsville, IL for the night. Noah loves staying at hotels, and Liam (surprisingly) went to sleep without issue. The next morning when we woke up, we grabbed a quick breakfast downstairs at the hotel, and then we drove to the St. Louis Zoo. If you've never been there, OH MY GOODNESS. Now that is a zoo! Subsequent trips to the Indy zoo have left me feeling "bleh." I mean, I knew our zoo was pretty basic, but seriously, the St. Louis Zoo is INCREDIBLE and my favorite price - FREE. Dalia and Kevin met up with us for most of the day's adventures, which was a lot of fun for all of us! We had dinner at Imo's and stayed at a different hotel downtown St. Louis. We took the boys swimming and had a nice quiet evening at teh hotel. We were beat!

The next day we went to visit the arch and walk around downtown. It was a really fun experience! The view was incredible, and we really liked the museum under the arch. We grabbed a quick lunch at Jimmy Johns and hit the road. The boys slept most of the way home, and Ryan and I enjoyed quiet, uninterrupted conversation during the drive home. Here are some of my favorite moments captured on film digital file.

Eating dinner at Kahuna's somewhere in IL

Brothers at the hotel.

Getting ready for the day's adventures
I love elephants. The only thing better than one elephant is a mama elphant with her baby

My absolute favorite exhibit - we went twice - the hippos! INCREDIBLE!


Brushing goats

Eating lunch - super delicious and healthy unlike the fries and burger options in Indy

The coolest little bears!

Penguin exhibit - it was huge and FREEZING inside!
A fun carousel ride!

Made me think of the movie Project X. Beautiful.

This was HILARIOUS! These two chimpanzees were walking in unison holding grass in front of "themselves." HYSTERICAL!

Noah snapped a great picture of us!

 Noah and Ava (wedding slideshow material, I think!)
Happy Nate!

A train ride around the zoo to say goodbye to all of the animals

Dinner at Imo's Pizza (smooches are the best!)

Beautiful day to visit the arch!

In the pod getting ready to take a trip to the top of the arch

Love these boys!

Best buddies!

Goodbye St. Louis! We had a wonderful time!

We are so blessed.

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