What a Summer!

Despite all of the promises I made to myself to keep up on this blog, once again, I have found myself caught up in our day to day lives without making much time for reflection. On a positive side, I have had a wonderful summer with Ryan and our boys! Our adventures began the second I work ended for the year on June 1st. We packed our bags, loaded up my CR-V, and started our journey toward Hilton Head Island to vacation with Ryan's family. The kids did unbelievably well the entire drive down. We even got to make a stop south of Charlotte to visit with our friends, Jason and Kim, and their sweet kids. It was awesome to finally visit their home and see where they live! I loved seeing Ryan spending time with one of the most loyal, greatest friends he has ever had. :)

After about 16 hours in the car, we arrived at Hilton Head Island. This was Liam's first trip to the beach, and Noah was the perfect age to really play more independently this year. The weather on the first couple of days was beautiful. During mid-week, the weather was rainy off and on. In fact, that was really the last time I saw rain for more than 5 minutes. I can't remember having a summer so dry and hot! The last day of vacation was super sunny, so I laid out as much as possible to soak up those rays!

Liam's first experience at the beach.

Goofy face!

Papa and Liam playing with Tobbles one evening

We spent a lot of time walking the hallway with this Mater toy from Jason and Kim on rainy days!

One afternoon we went to a really fun Gelato shop owned by someone originally from Indianapolis. It was delicious!

Liam got a new toy with his birthday money - we still play with it everyday!

Mady was a huge help with Liam. She played with him and watched after him all week. I can still remember my first trip to HH when Mady was Liam's age. Time goes so quickly!

Ryan helping Noah and Micah set up Noah's new toy he picked out to buy with his birthday money. Those boys were joined at the hip most of the week!

Coal-fired pizza....DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Kelli and her beautiful kids!
John and Gloria - the rock of our family. We are so grateful for their ever-inspiring example!

Our sweet fam :)
Best buddies

Liam waiting patiently for his dinner our last night in HH

Someone loves his Aunt Kelli :)

And someone loves sweet Liam :)
We had a wonderful trip with Ryan's family! John and Gloria spoiled us all week, and all we had to do was make dinner a couple of times. There is just nothing as special as spending an entire uninterrupted week with your family. I can't wait for our next trip, though it's crazy to think our kids will be 13, 11, almost 9, 6, and 3. Excited to see where we all are, what we're all doing, etc. in two years. Thank you, John and Gloria, for this wonderful trip that has filled us with beautiful memories!

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