Ever since I was a little girl, I was always enthralled with the commercials featuring children from far away countries who needed someone to sponsor them. I would end away for information about the kids and hang their pictures in my room. Recently, I asked on Facebook which organizations different people like to financially support, and it was awesome to see how God has put certain passions inside each one of us in order to ensure that the needs of our world are addressed.

After reading through everyone's charities, my heart was consumed with a desire to finally sponsor a child of our own. Ryan and I have often talked about adopting a child, and at this point in our lives, we know the timing is not quite right. However, sponsoring a child is one step in the direction we may ultimately head in someday. I researched several different organizations that offered child sponsorship and decided that for many reasons Compassion was the perfect one for our family. We decided to choose a 4 year old boy to sponsor, as it would allow for some awesome teachable moments for Noah as he and this child grew up together. Ideally, sponsorship lasts through the child graduating from secondary school, and a 4 year old boy just felt right.

When we searched for a 4 year old boy, there was an option to see who had been waiting for a sponsor the longest. Fredly Septiano Nepafay (Nepa) had been waiting for 281 days, and he was the little boy God chose for us. Ryan and I just felt our hearts drawn to him, and as crazy as it sounds, we love him already.

Compassion has a really neat way of sending letters to children you sponsor. After receiving our packet of information about Nepa today, I was able to log into their website and create a letter electronically. I attached three pictures of our family, too, so that he would have a visual of who we are. Here is the first letter I wrote him:

Hello Nepa and family! We are so excited to say hello and introduce ourselves to you. My name is Amy (age 30), and my husband's name is Ryan (age 32). We have two little boys, Noah (age 4) and Liam (age 1). Noah thinks it is so neat that he and Nepa are the same age! Nepa, we live far, far away in the United States of America. Have you ever heard of the USA? The USA has 50 states, and we live in a state called Indiana. The city we live in is called Greenwood. We read that the town where you live, you eat a lot of corn. We have LOTS of corn in Indiana! In fact, Noah's favorite food is corn on the cob. Is that how you eat it?
Nepa, I want you to know that ever since I was a very little girl, I have always wanted to sponsor a little boy or girl just like you. God has always blessed me, and I very much wanted to bless someone else. Recently, I started looking into different organizations that help children. We really liked Compassion, and when we searched for a little 4 year old boy (to grow up alongside our son Noah), we saw your picture and just knew that God had chosen you as the one we should sponsor! Isn't that so neat?! God loves you SO much, and we already love you, too. You are SO handsome and have the most beautiful brown eyes. We have only seen one picture of you so far and hope you will send more as you grow up!
I will write to you often, and we are excited to hear from you, too. Do you have any questions for us? I will make sure to include some pictures so you know what we look like. Maybe someday when you are older, our family will be able to meet your family. Wouldn't that be neat? I have 3 questions for you. Do you have any brothers or sisters?  What is your favorite game to play? How can we pray for you? Ryan, Noah, Liam, and I are already praying for you and your family. In the Bible, it says, "Do not be afraid for I am with you" (Isaiah 43:5). Remember that God is always with you, and even though we are far away, we are always thinking of you. 

Amy, Ryan, Noah, and Liam

I wanted to share this story about Nepa because if your heart has ever felt lead to sponsor a child, maybe this will help you take the next step! I can only imagine where this journey will take our family. Hopefully, we will be able to travel to Indonesia someday to meet him! Maybe adoption is in our future. Maybe it isn't. But for now, we are excited about to get to know this sweet little 4 year old boy who lives far, far away and hope that everything we send him helps him grow to be a happy, healthy, educated, loved little boy who ultimately knows that God is behind all of the blessings each one of us receives every single day.

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