Happy 4th Birthday, Noah!

Noah just after singing his Mother's Day song with his class on the "big stage" at church.
Oh my Noah! How in the world are you 4 years old today? I kept begging you not to grow up...not to turn 4...but you did it anyway. When I asked you to just stay my baby forever, you said, "I can't, Mommy. Growing up is my job." True, buddy. Very true! Still, I miss the days when you could be the sole focus of my day. We had so much fun together those first 3 years, and it breaks my heart that you won't likely remember any of our adventures so far. At least we took lots of pictures, and I tried to write about lots of them in this blog, right?

At any rate, I am so proud of the little boy you're becoming. With each passing day, I see you growing more and more into the little man we are trying to raise with a kind heart and a compassionate soul. My biggest hope for you is that you continue to love God and love other people the way God loves you - unconditionally!

This is the first year that I've felt sad you are a year older. The toddler years are officially behind us. No more chubby wrists. No more bobbing around bouncing into things. Nope - you are officially a preschooler now, full of your own creative ideas. You love playing with your toy cars from the movies Cars and Cars 2. I think they are your favorite! You must have about 35 of them now. That's insane!! You still love watching movies, playing Zingo, and reading on your tablet. Much to my surprise, you recently began getting out huge sheets of paper and coloring, something you've never really been interested in before now. I love seeing you write your name and draw different pictures.

Yesterday, I took you and Liam to the zoo. Your brother had been sick for 5 days, and once he was fever free for 24 hours, I was desperate for some fresh air where he couldn't possibly get anyone else sick. So, we celebrated your birthday a day early together, looking at the different animals. My favorite was when you were being silly, and that HUGE walrus swam up behind you and just stayed there. All of the people were laughing so hard because you had no idea! It was hilarious! You raced the cheetahs, barely ate any lunch (shocker!), tried to pet the sharks, saw Nemo and his daddy, loved the elephants and giraffes, and explored the hot desert. We shared some dip-n-dots ice cream in between you climbing and jumping off a huge rock. It was a perfectly fun day that ended with you falling asleep in my car. You had popcorn shrimp for the first time at Red Lobster that night and LOVED it! Hallelujah...you liked somethin gnew! It was a great day!

Today, Daddy took the day off work to spend time with you celebrating your birthday. Before I left for work, we woke you up, sang "Happy Birthday," and let you open two presents. Surprise! A new car (Sarge) and a Dinosaur Train tablet game/book. I was super sad to leave you on your special day, but having a day with Daddy all to yourself was such a treat! He took you to Kids Commons (which you call the Claw Museum) for the day. After playing for a long time - including trips down the "toilet slide," you guys went across the street to play in the indoor playground. Daddy said you climbed SO SO high! I felt so proud of you! Then, you went across the street to Zaharakos where you ordered a ice cream sundae to eat BEFORE your lunch! You then, of course, had a corn dog and french fries. You played on your tablet to stay awake on the way home and then took a LONG nap once you got back to the house.

At 5:00 tonight, I woke you up and you opened the rest of your presents. A new "Smiley" castle, two more cars, and a Batman "bad guy." We took you to the backyard so that you and Liam could swim in the pool, but I think you had more fun putting cups of water down the big slide and flying down it as fast as you could go! For dinner you requested scrambled eggs, toast, "soft carrots," cantaloupe, grapes, melon, and one chocolate covered strawberry. You ate every single bite! We celebrated with some chocolate cake after singing you "Happy Birthday" and you making a wish/blowing out your candle.

You played all night with both your new and old toys. When it came time for bed, we read The Three Little Pigs and said prayers. I prayed that God would make this next year of your life one filled with happiness, good health, and lots of adventures. You'll be heading to preschool in August, and I am 90% excited for you and 10% anxious about it. I hope that you love your teacher, your school, and the kids in your class. I hope you meet new friends that are kind to you! I pray that you can be a leader and love everyone the way God loves you.

Four years. Four years of happiness. Four years of putting your needs above my own - a reality that I needed to experience. Four years of more love in my heart than I've ever had before. Four years of having a better understanding of how God can love us even when we make mistakes or even intentionally disobey His teachings (that has been a beautiful lesson to learn!). Thank you, my sweet boy, for these four years of joy you've given me. I love you with my heart and my soul. Cheers to many more beautiful years filled with wonderful memories!


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Dan said...

What a lucky boy.

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