What a SUPER Night!

Super Bowl 2012 sure brought a lot of excitement to our city! Who knew Indianapolis could throw such a great party? After Ryan was able to go to the NFL Experience and to Media Day for work, I realized how badly I wanted to experience this HUGE event downtown Indy. Although I originally thought I was dreaming to think I'd get downtown (typically the temperature is way too cold for little kids), Mother Nature, being the football fan that she is, surprised us with much warmer temperatures this year. So, we planned to go Thursday, February 2nd, as a family of four.

Then...after having a strange stomach ache for two days, Noah's belly finally gave in and got sick during breakfast Thursday morning. I thought to myself, "How does this always happen to us?? Every time there is a special event or occasion, Ryan someone in this family has to get sick. :) As the day wore on and after a big nap, Noah seemed to be feeling much better! We decided to give it a shot and go downtown, and I'm so glad we did!

Super Bowl Village

Too bad Liam won't remember this day...what a neat experience!

Snuggle time during a free concert!

Noah sitting on the nice benches that "warmed your buns."

Carrying Liam in my kangaroo pouch!

Chasing each other on the small football field in Super Bowl Village

The famous zipline...or in Noah speak: "People Flying"

Best buddies.

The boys and me in front of Lucas Oil Stadium. Not sure why Noah and Liam both look so awestruck! :)
We really didn't do anything specific. Instead, we more or less just walked around and took in the excitement around us. I cannot believe that we forgot to the go the circle to get pictures with the Numerals. Oh well! Maybe next time - and really, that's quite a possibility since Indy did such an amazing job hosting the event! Despite my craving for nachos with cheese, it didn't work out, so we settled on vendor hot dogs on the way back to the Jeep. So thankful that we were able to park at Ryan's work for FREE downtown. What a perk! I love living around Indianapolis and can't wait to experience all that summer events that are just around the corner with Ryan and our two sweet boys.

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