Stop Growing, Boys!

How is it February already? It's hard to believe that Liam is almost 9 months old, and Noah is nearly 3 years, 9 months old. Suddenly, they both seem to have hit a HUGE spurts in their development. Liam's is more related to his motor skills, and Noah's seems to be more of a change in his physical appearance.
Liam crawled for the first time on January 13th, and within 5 days, he started pulling himself up to stand while holding onto our furniture or the boys' toys. And wow, he really got quick fast! At first I was just excited for him to be able to move from this toy to that toy by himself. Before, he was doing this hilarious roll over, crawl, and spin-on-his-shoulder technique to get from here to there. After just a week or so of crawling, Liam started moving really fast! I told Ryan that long gone are the days we could get ready while Liam happily played in an infant seat. That boy wants to move! I guess it must have something to do with having an older brother and seeing Noah move around the house. Noah really does pretty well with Liam getting into the toys. We really try to stress that things that used to be just Noah's (i.e., the train table, books, small toys, etc.) are now both of their toys. Noah does have some toys that are more his, like his toy cars, that he really enjoys. But at the same time, Liam is allowed to play with one if he'd like - we just don't make Noah give Liam his favorite one (Finn McMissle). Liam so far seems to like everything I feed him. His usual meals include applesauce, pears, cantaloupe, papaya, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, bananas, peas, green beans, and the newest one - potatoes with beets! Yes, beets. He seriously loves them, too. He opens his eyes and mouth really wide and makes an "AH! AH!" noise until I put a bite in his mouth. Personally, I have never eaten a beet, but my little stinker seems to love them!
Beets & Potato Face
I am cherishing the last 3 months I have of Liam's first year. Unless there is divine intervention or the adoption of a child in the future, he will be my last baby. When I close my eyes, I can still remember the excitement in my heart, the pain in my body, and the rush of emotions when he was born in that big tub of water and swooped in my arms. It still is so vivid in my memory! I have been blessed to exclusively breastfeed him, and although I never cried when Noah weaned at a year old, I can imagine that I will this time around. He's my last...my baby. He's growing too fast, and  yet, I am so excited to get to know him more and to see him experience all the beautiful things this world has to offer him.
Cutie pie.
As for Noah, my sweet boy, well he just continues to grow taller and taller each time he wakes up in the morning. I keep telling him to stop growing so that he can be my baby forever, but he replies with such seriousness, "It's my job, Mom." He really has a sweet soul, that little guy. We say our prayers at night, each of us taking a turn. Noah usually says something like, "Dear Jesus, thank you for this beautiful day. Thank you for my mom and dad and helping me in the dark. Amen." Precious. One time, a couple months ago, I put him to bed and went downstairs. After about 15 minutes, he started crying, a truly scared cry. I ran back to his room, and he said, "Mommy, I'm just so scared in the dark." I said, "Noah, honey, you are safe in your room. All our doors are locked, and I am watching you in the monitor. God is all around you, keeping you safe, too. If you are scared, you need to ask God to protect you and help you feel safe." We prayed again, and he calmed down. I kissed him goodnight and went back downstairs. About ten minutes later, he said in a really excited voice and smiling from ear to ear, "Mommy! Guess what? I'm not scared anymore!" It was really sweet. Moments later, he fell right to sleep.
Getting so big...
When I look at Noah now, I no longer see my little toddler bobbling around with dimpled wrists and chubby cheeks. I see a little boy who runs with speed and jumps with his whole heart. He plays hard and loves us even harder. He's affectionate, loves his cuddle time with me. Noah can't wait until Ryan gets home so that they can play "chase" around the couch. I can tell already that Physical Touch and Quality Time are his primary Love Languages, and whenever I find Noah not being himself, if we can speak to him in those "languages," his behavior tends to turn around pretty quickly. We struggle on a daily basis trying to get him to eat new things. Noah will eat any fruit or vegetable I put in front of him (HOORAY) but will pass up on pasta, soup, pizza, casseroles, chicken, steak. You name it...he tends to hate it. We have tried several reactions to that behavior...from going to bed hungry to yelling to spanking to feeding him each and every bite. We quickly decided that we wanted to reserve spanking for more serious offenses, so that has left setting a timer, and when the time runs out, his food goes in the trash, which leaves him going to bed hungry. Good natural consequence, right? Too bad it doesn't seem to work...yet anyway. He has woken up in the middle of the night - we're talking 2 a.m. - begging for food. Thank goodness I'm a stubborn woman or else I would give in to that for sure. But no, we stay strong, committed to sticking to our consequences, and make him go back to bed hungry. The other night, he prayed his usual prayer but added the following without any prompting from us, "...and please help me eat better and faster. Amen." You should've seen the look on my face! I. LOVE. THIS. KID.

Two sons and the kind of father and husband every girl hopes to have when she dreams about the future. How did I get so lucky?

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Kerri Walls said...

Beautifully written...beautiful family....

Kendra said...

Your boys are adorable! And I absolutely love you shoes. :-)

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