Kitchen Remodel

What began as a conversation with my friend Jessica about her helping her cousin install cabinets from IKEA...turned into an entire kitchen remodel for our family. I have been so excited to show off pictures, and since Ryan finished painting last night, here we go!


We sold the cabinets, sink, faucet, and pulls for $700 on Craigslist! I was shocked to get that much, but it worked out great. I think the guy who bought them was putting everything in a rental house. After spending HOURS (I seriously enjoyed every second) designing our new kitchen on IKEA's website, Ryan, Liam, and I went to Cincinnati while Dalia kept Noah at her house (THANK YOU!!). We intended to buy a certain cabinet and ended up not liking it in person. We ended up choosing the Ramsjo in Black/Brown with Vinna handles. In October, our friends Kevin, Dalia, and Mark all helped clean, demolish, and build our new kitchen. We are indebted to them because we couldn' have done it without them!! We bought a Swanstone Composite Granite sink (LOVE THIS SINK!!!), an oil rubbed bronze faucet, laminate countertops (Canyon Passage with beveled edge), and a tile backsplash all from Menards. Ryan and I were quite the team. I was the designer, and he was the muscle! I think I had the better job. :) My mom's husband, Kent, was a HUGE help a couple weekends ago. He brought all of his tools and taught Ryan how to install the backsplash. It really made the kitchen complete! Ryan and I repainted the kitchen a neutral color, Hickory (Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot), but we used our favorite paint: Behr's paint and primer in one. What do you think??


We added an entire section on the right side, extending the kitchen the complete length of the wall. I love these glass cabinets!!

Still trying to decide about stainless steel. Worried about how easily they get dirty!

The view when you walk in from the garage. They are 39" rather than the 30" ones we had before. All of the cabinets and drawers have a "no slam" feature, which I LOVE!!


I was prepared to love my cabinets but didn't know how much I would love this sink!!!

The corner carousel cabinet where I keep all my baking and decorating items.

Finally! I can reach the items in the back corner cabinets because the shelves pull out completely

LOVE this pull out drawer for our items to recycle! We have another one for the trash by the fridge
This kitchen has been so fun to enjoy! It makes me less concerned about doing a project like this in the future. Doing the work ourselves was stressful at times, but we saved a lot of money and appreciate the final product that much more. WHAT DO YOU THINK???


cblack said...

Looks fantastic, Amy! Great job guys!!

Carlene Cooks said...

just beautiful. Were the Ikea cabinets hard to work with? I love black cabinets.They will look stunning forever. Great job!

Rachel said...

Amy, so very wonderful! Nice Job!

Kerri Walls said...

LOOOOOOVVVVVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see it in person! You've got to come see our new hardwood floor and new sink too:) Miss ou!

Kerri Walls said...

LOOOOOVVVE It! Can't wait to see it in person!!!

Infarrantly Creative said...

Of course I love it. I have major cabinet envy, especially the no slam feature. Everything looks amazing and I am so proud of you guys for tackling it yourself. So empowering!

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