Cookies Galore!

For the past couple of years, I have dreamed of making beautiful Christmas roll-out cookies. I love Pioneer Woman's blog post that gives details on how to properly make the icing needed to decorate. All the visual images of what the icing should look like are really helpful because icing tends to be such a fickle substance. Bridget from Bake at 350 gave instructions about how to make both the royal and flood icing perfectly. You can find the recipe for both HERE. I used squeeze bottles instead of piping bags because I didn't buy the right materials. To be honest, the squeeze bottles worked GREAT! I'm sure my outlining could have been a little more precise had I used the tips/decorating bags, but for my purposes and first shot at making this kind of cookie, the bottles worked great!

This cookie making adventure was a family affair. I used this recipe and loved it! It was super easy, did not require chilling, and didn't have any issues with being too sticky. Noah helped me measure and mix together all the ingredients to make the cookies. He kept asking, "Mommy, are these Santa's cookies?" So cute! He even helped cut out the first batch before he finally lost interest and ended up playing in the flour. :)

After baking the cookies on Tuesday, we decided to decorate them Wednesday at about 9:00 p.m. because the icing needs a long time to dry. Although it's not really his cup of tea, Ryan agreed to help me. He was in charge of sifting the powered sugar and quickly learned not to fill the sifter completely to the top. I think he breathed in a good amount of powered sugar with the cloud that was dancing above his head! The icing took about an hour to actually prepare it, mix in colors, and put into the squeeze bottles. Hopefully that will be a faster process next year now that I know how to do it. Then, the cookie decorating began!

This really was a lot of fun! I learned a few things through the process that I want to remember for next year. First, I made a double batch of icing. I used the first batch for the royal icing and the second for the flood icing. I had plenty leftover of each kind. So, i can either just make one batch for both or add 3 more colors next year. Second, I would probably roll my cookies out a little thicker next year. These are good - don't get me wrong - but they are a little more crispy. I like soft, Christmas cookies a little better! Other than those two things, I think my first attempt at this kind of cookies went rather well. I hope this gives you the motivation to do the same! Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

We've never formally met, but I've encountered you and your sweet boys a few times out and about, and ran across your blog via someone else's. So glad to hear that your family is doing well. The cookies (and those pictures!) look great!

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