A Dry Spell

I don't know if that's the right way to describe my lack of blogging, but I just couldn't bring myself to write about anything, partly because we have two children under 3 and were remodeling the kitchen. The other part was due to just not feeling like writing about much of anything. Poor Liam and Noah - they won't have any details from August 22nd to now.

Well boys, I can sum up the past couple of months in a 2 words: blissfully busy! We have never been so busy in our lives as we have this past month, but at the same time, I have never felt happier. I find myself hurrying from one activity to the next - driving too fast most of the time. I slow down only for those perfect moments with Ryan, Noah, and Liam - the ones where you stand back and ask yourself, "Could I really be this lucky?" Here is a photo montage of the past two months:

Plow Days in South Whitley to help raise money for a friend's daughter. Please add sweet Rylie, who is fighting Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, to your prayer list.

Noah riding his first pony. It was awesome to see so many people come together for this great event to help Rylie!

One of my best friends, Jess, and my God Daughter, Kendall, came for a visit! We went to Apple Works one day and had a wonderful time.

I couldn't decide which to post...

...so I thought I would just add them both. Posing for beautiful pictures kept us busy.

Noah went hiking twice in Brown County with Ryan. I'm not sure if Noah has ever had more fun!

Oh wait, except when he's riding his bike. He spent HOURS riding bikes the past two months.

And while Noah rode his bike, Liam and I just watched, laughed, and snuggled.

We made it to the Franklin Fall Festival again this year and had a great time! This is the three of us at the courthouse.

Here's Noah riding his first-ever carnival ride. He tried an obstacle course/house thing but got a little scared and had to turn around.

We took lots of goofy pictures!

...because that's an easy way to entertain my husband the kids.

We took our first family trip to Evansville with Ryan for work and got to visit my cousin, Angie, and her kids, Bradyn, Jude, Grace, and Lila (not pictured). When Ryan asked Noah if he wanted to go to Evansville, Noah said, "Oh Daddy, thank you so much for inviting me to Evansville!" You would've thought we were taking him to Disney World.

Gluttony: The only word to describe the amount of food we consumed from Biaggi's, my favorite Italian restaurant.

Noah taking his typical "I'm-not-going-to-smile-for-you" picture. I promise, he was having a good time!

Liam tried rice cereal for the first time. The much anticipated event was met by pure dislike by my baby boy. Let's hope he likes fruits and veggies better because I have made a bunch, and we're just waiting for Sunday to start giving them to him.
That was a quick run down of the major events and some of my favorite pictures from the past two months. The only thing I left out was our big kitchen remodel, and I'm saving that for the big reveal. We get our countertops November 19th, so I'll post pictures then.

I love my life, as busy and hurried as it may seem most of the time, I am enjoying the moments when we can slow down and just laugh together. We live for those moments and cherish them with all that we have.

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