My mind is constantly on the move these days, dreaming of the future while trying to stay engaged in the present. It all began so innocently, just like most things often do. I was browsing through open house ads in the Sunday paper when low and behold, a beautiful house caught my eye. I raced upstairs, showed the picture to Ryan, and after taking one look at the smile on my face and the light in my eyes, he said, "Well, let's go!" We loaded up the kids and were out the door lickety split.

After pulling into the housing addition, I realized that this was the neighborhood that had a model home I had seen many months prior. Everytime we drove by I would tell Ryan how that was the kind of house I hoped to live in someday. It was just my style! We drove back to the open house, and Noah proved to be more excited than any of us. He rushed around each room, pointing out the unique features and playing in all of the closets. The second floor was perfect, but we felt like the main floor was lacking space. It was fun to look, nonetheless, and we got back in the car to drive home.

Then it happened.

My husband gave me the greatest gift any man can give his wife. He gave me permission to dream.

For any of you who know me, I'm a pretty grounded, organized, and practical person who lives on a schedule and always has a plan. Not only was this the way I was raised, but I've also happily embraced these qualities as an adult. We always planned to live in our current home for 5-7 years before buying our forever home. You know, the one our kids would grow up...have their friends over to stay the night...come home from college during holiday breaks. Well, as of this summer, we will have lived here for 5 years. Our dream home has a basement, 3 side car garage, beautiful kitchen, upstairs laundry room (have one now and wouldn't want to go back), and a larger back yard.

Well, as we were leaving the neighborhood, Ryan told me to go grab a packet of information to see what floorplans they were building. I mean, why not? We're just dreaming...right? The next few days consisted of me studying each floorplan and trying to decide which one contained all of our non-negotiables and which one would make the most sense for our family. Then I started crunching numbers and considering our timeline. I went back and forth between wanting to stay grounded and wanting ever-so-badly to dream. It was never our plan to build a home. Why build when so many existing homes are on the market? Then it hit me. We could build exactly what we wanted without settling for anything. So often we see a house and say, "Well, I like the yard but hate the kitchen," or "The laundry room is upstairs, but there is no basement." Building a home would allow us to have exactly what we wanted, and the idea of that was so exciting!

Since that time, we have visited several models and have fallen in love with a particular floorplan. I've researched and researched, read every available resource I can find regarding the company, the vendors, the process of building, etc. You name it, and I can tell you about it. Ryan has been so supportive of this new dream we share. In fact, he even went with me to a design center where you pick our your flooring, exterior, light fixtures, cabinets, countertops, etc. We had so much fun picking out everything. Dreaming is exciting!

Ever since this journey began in June, that word has been ringing in my ears.


We have two summers before Noah starts kindergarten and would love to be settled in our forever home before that milestone begins.  Whether or not it ends up being this home, only God knows. For now, we are starting to make preparations for possibly putting our house on the market in the Spring. We are praying a lot. But most of all, we are being patient.

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