God is All Around Us

Over the past four months, I have felt the presence of God all around me like never before. It has been beautiful, breathtaking, and oftentimes, an emotional experience to feel Him near us and near those around us. Sometimes God shows Himself when you least expect it, and at other times, He presents Himself after fervent prayer.

God presented Himself in the shape of a little 3 year old boy named Noah yesterday evening. I was getting ready to have dinner with some girlfriends and found myself in tears leaving Liam. I have cherished the last 14 weeks at home with him, and I am so sad to leave him despite being excited to get back to work part time. I said goodbye to Noah a few minutes prior and was collecting myself before walking out the door. All of the sudden, Noah yelled out from the living room and ran to me saying, "I'm going to give you a bug hug and kiss." He did just that, and I knew right away that God was using the arms and lips of my sweet son to tell that He was right there and that everything would be ok.

Late last night, my mind was swimming again with thoughts and worries about both boys when I go back to work. I felt so much tension in my neck and head, and without saying a word, Ryan started giving me a massage that melted all that tension away. Again, I felt God saying, "I'm right here. Your boys are going to be fine. I love them more than you can ever know. Remember, I am their Father." God again used the hands of someone I love to show His presence.

For people who believe in God, reading these simple examples will affirm their feelings about our loving God. They also experience simple acts of love and reassurance from an awesome God that nonbelievers would see as coincidence. It makes me sad to know when people I love don't have a relationship with God because they miss out on seeing God's blessings around them. They might be thankful for their job, house, kids, etc., but they don't see God's hand in them having those things. He truly is all around us, if you just take a moment to look and see.

Like so many people, I always find myself falling asleep while praying at night. I was talking about that with some people, and one person said, "Well, just like a mother loves having her baby fall asleep in her arms, I imagine God feels the same about us falling asleep in His." I have found that to be one of the most profound things I've ever heard. I just love it.

So, do you see God in the simple things around you? I would love to hear some of your own experiences. I could write a million more but have written this blog one-handed while Liam is sleeping in my arms. It was "shot day," so he gets extra snuggles, just like God holds me extra tight when I'm not feeling well. I love our God and pray that all of you know Him, too.


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