Cost to Have a Baby

Let me start out by saying how amazed I am by the cost to have a baby, completely natural and without complications (Click for Liam's birth story)! Back in August 2008, I wrote about how much we were charged for Noah's birth. Surprisingly, the charges were more when we had Noah than having Liam. I really thought everything would be more expensive three years later, but for some reason, Liam's birth cost less. Because I am working part time now, my short term disability check was about $1,000 less than last time. So, in the end, we did have to pay money out of pocket whereas with Noah's birth, it was completely covered by our short term disability check. You can see the breakdown of Liam's birth below.

Amy’s Hospital Charges:
Room and Board (36 hours): $1,332.25
Labor and Delivery Services: $5,590.00 (BLOWS MY MIND!)
Laboratory Services: $575.75
Pharmacy Services: $168.60
TOTAL CHARGES: $ 7666.60 After Insurance: $1,508.03

Liam’s Hospital Charges:
Newborn care for 2 days at the hospital: $865.00
Operating Room: $371.50 (used for a short time for his circumcision)
Laboratory Services: $839.75
Pharmacy Services: $132.00
Therapy Services: $102.50
TOTAL CHARGES: $ 2,310.75 After Insurance: $462.15

Initial Hospital Evaluation/Management of Newborn: $292.00
Discharge Day Management (30 minutes maximum): $216.00
After Insurance: $64.96

Liam Circumcision: $400

After Insurance: $45.86

OB Care and Delivery: $2,300
After Insurance: $440.00

GRAND TOTAL: $13,185.35 (Noah's was $14,028.39)

AFTER INSURANCE, WE OWED: $2,521.00 (Noah's was $1,930.60)

SHORT TERM DISABILITY CHECK: $1,300 (Noah's was $2,216.67)

OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES: $1,221 (We pocketed $286.07 with Noah's birth)

I am so thankful that we have insurance! If it costs $13,000-$14,000 to have a natural birth now, how much will it cost for Noah and Liam to have kids someday! I think the hospital charges were like $2,000 when I was born. I can't even imagine!

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