Bike Ridin' Fool

It's official - Noah has become a bike ridin' fool, just in time for the heat wave of 2011! On Saturday, July 17th, Ryan and I found ourselves doing what most married people with children our age are doing on a Saturday night. Yep, we were grocery shopping! WOO-HOO! I can see how you are all turning green with envy. Anyway, while Liam hung out with me in his Baby Bjorn carrier, Ryan took Noah to the bike section at Meijer to see how well he could ride a bike. About 15 minutes later, they returned, and Noah sat down on the floor, putting his head down in defeat (yep, we were that family!). Apparently, he had a really hard time maneuvering the pedals, so Ryan decided he was still too young to get a bike.

After we got home that night, Ryan began looking on Craigslist for a bike for Noah, just in case he found a good deal. Turns out that a guy in Fishers was selling his son's bike for $25 because it was too small for him. Ryan drove to Fishers the following Monday and realized that the bike was practically brand new. He bought the bike and grabbed a Lightning McQueen helmet and bell at Target. When Noah woke up from his nap that day, Ryan had the bike waiting for him in the kitchen. At first, Noah really didn't want to put on the helmet, let alone snap the fastener together. We told him that if he wanted to ride his new bike, he had to wear his helmet. Reluctantly, he put it on, and before we knew it, Noah was FLYING around the kitchen. Round and around and around he went for the rest of the night. When he woke up the next morning, the first words out of his mouth were, "May I ride my bike?" The timing was perfect for such a fun gift because it was at that time that we began dealing with the heat wave of 2011. My goodness! 95-100 degree weather is just TOO much for all of us, especially Liam.

From that morning on for several days, Noah wore his helmet at all times of the day except to take a nap or go to bed. He even wore it during potty breaks! When he woke up from his nap at 3:30, he rode it for 2 hours straight - I'm not even kidding! Round and around and around he went. He continued to ride each day and into the next week. Whenever there was a slight dip in temperature, Ryan would take him outside to ride his new bike. Then, a couple Saturdays ago, we took Noah to Northwest Park thanks to the recommendation of my friend, Jill, who had recently taken her little boy there to ride. It was the perfect trail! Once again, Liam found himself in the Baby Bjorn carrier, and we walked the trail 3 times. Noah did great and only fell off once! Since that time, he has discovered standing up while pedaling, coasting down hills (or as Noah says, "coastering"), and braking hard when going too fast.

It's like he grew up overnight. My once chubby cheeked, unsteady-walking, toddler is now a little boy in the making. I get flashes of what I imagine he'll look like in the future. It makes me shake my head. Where has the time gone? While Noah can test boundaries and my patience, he is a beautifully sweet, compassionate, joyful little boy....and a bike ridin' fool.

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