One Month Later...

Happy one month birthday to Baby Liam today! I can't believe we've already spent 31 days together since he was born. To be honest, I think they have been the happiest 31 days of my life. Ryan took a week off work right after Liam was born. Then, his work's paternity leave allows him to take 5 half days but be paid for the whole day. Nice,  huh?! We spent some much time together those two weeks as a family of four, and we LOVED every minute of it! Check out some of our adventures below:

Soon after we got home from the hospital, Ryan's parents brought by Noah's birthday present - a crab sandbox! It was the perfect gift, and Noah has enjoyed hours of fun in that sandbox!

We spent some time in the sprinkler on some of the earlier hot summer days! However, if we're going to be completely honest, Noah rarely goes through the sprinkler, so the grass just gets a good watering.

We also bought a small pool for Noah to play in on days when I can't get the boys over to our neighborhood pool. Ryan had the brilliant idea of putting it on the porch so the bugs would stay out, and so that we could stay in the shade while he played. The only downside is that the water doesn't get very warm. Noah and Ryan have played in the pool a lot since Liam was born!

Snuggle time with Daddy - always a favorite around our house. I look at this picture and know that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have these three guys in my life. LOVE IT!

Yay, a picture of Noah and I together!! I'm usually the one behind the camera, so there are few pictures of me. I told Ryan that if he doesn't start taking more pictures of me with the boys, they'll never believe I was around. Can I get an "amen," moms out there?? Here is a picture of us enjoying some snuggle time, too.

Look how bright-eyed Liam is! He has always had good awake time during the day where he just looks around and every now and then makes eye contact with me and smiles. He is a such a sweet baby and a mama's boy for sure already. If I hand him over to Ryan, he immediately gives his daddy the stink eye. HILARIOUS!

More snuggles with Liam - one of my newest favorite activities. He likes to cuddle in right there against my neck. I am enjoying each and every minute of this time because I do realize how quickly it goes by. I'm not sure if we will have more kids or not - time will tell - so I especially want to savor these moments because Liam might just be my last baby (tear).

Ahh...jumping off the wall with a ballon tied to your wrist - always a good time and crowd pleaser, especially when you're not wearing any pants (haha!). He keeps waiting to float around in the air once he jumps, but so far, no luck. Guess we will have to keep trying!

Liam's first bath - I thought we'd never get there! His umbilical cord didn't fall off for over 2 weeks, so we had quite the wait. The crazy thing was, I never saw it after it fell off. I was changing his diaper and noticed it was gone. Then, hours later I saw Kya munching on something crunchy and couldn't figure out what it was. We really think she might have eaten his umbilical cord!! Liam loved his bath, especially if I kept putting a warm wash cloth or pouring warm water on him. Love the hammock bathtub...so much better than the one we had with Noah.

Ryan and Noah got to give Liam his first bottle soon after he turned 2 weeks old, and I had pumped enough milk. He took the bottle like a champion - 2 1/2 ounces - and then I topped him off. :) Ryan loved this time with Liam. I think it's hard for daddies to feel bonded to newborns when the moms breastfeed because they have so much less time with the babies. Having a chance to feed him gave him some much needed time with his new son! Isn't Noah a proud big brother?!

Snuggle time again - we're doing this a lot these days. Liam looks so much like Ryan to me, so when I take pictures of Ryan holding Liam, I feel like Ryan is holding himself 30 years ago. :)

Here's a typical picture of Noah and me playing in his playroom. I tried to get him to open his eyes for a picture, but he prefers the squinty ones...likes to tease me like that! His new favorite playtime activities include his computer and a spelling game that he got for his birthday.

Call me a huge geek, but I love community events! By this I mean that I scour the newspaper and internet every chance I get to find out what fun festivals, concerts, and other events we can attend as a family. This picture above is from last Friday. We went to this free concert in the park where they provided free hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks. Our friends Jessica, Matt, and Bryson (their son - age 3) joined us there for the evening! Liam and Cohen were born 3 weeks apart, and we finally got a picture of the two of them together. Hopefully, they will be great buddies like their older brothers! It was such a fun night. The boys played all evening, while Jess and I had some uninterrupted girl time.

Here is another community event from Saturday! Mallow Run Winery does Bazbeaux Pizza and Wine nights twice a month, and we decided to meet up with our friends - the Bauermeisters, Tolles, and Wards - and all of our kids. I enjoyed my first glass of wine in almost a year, and it was everything I hoped it would be! The pizza and knuckles were delicious, too! I loved the time with our friends. Here is a picture of my beautiful friend, Dalia, trying to get Liam to calm down. He woke up early from his nap and was giving us a hard time. I ended up feeding him, and all was well again!

Liam has started playing under his play gym recently and seems to like it quite a bit! Noah lived under here for the first few months of his life because he loved it so much.

Our friends Jill (below) and Tommy came over Sunday night for a visit! Jill was my very first girlfriend, and we have quite a history of friendship together that dates back to 1st grade all the way through high school and also our time at Hanover College. She made the most delicious brownies, so we enjoyed a fun dessert that evening. Isn't their son, Kellen (above), so beautiful?? He was full of energy and life, and we loved every minute of their visit!

Our lives have forever changed with Liam's birth, and now that he's here, I can't imagine life without him. My heart has grown twice in size with all the love that I have for my two beautiful sons. For the past week, Liam has been consistently going 6 hours at night (10:15 p.m. to 4:15 a.m.) between feedings, but on two occasions, he made it 8 hours (10:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.). It's amazing how much better you feel with some sleep! Noah has made this transition without missing a beat. We are having all kinds of fun during my time off work! We spend most days at the park or the pool and get really excited when Ryan comes home from work. Liam is very laid back and seems to be plenty happy as long has he has his meewks (milk) every 3 hours, sometimes sooner though. I love my family and feel a real sense of completion. I'm not ruling out having more kids in the future...I think we'll know for sure in 2-3 years...but for now, I'm just enjoying these beautiful blessings from God! Every day Ryan and I look forward to Noah's bedtime so that we can have some uninterrupted time together to just talk, watch TV, or watch a movie. We have also done really well with this transition, working like a well-oiled machine. I love my family and don't know why I got so lucky in life, but I count my blessings every single day.


Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog! I am due to give birth in the next couple weeks and am really taking up tips on how to get the baby to sleep through the night as quickly as possible. I just think it's great that you got your baby to sleep with such long stretches at one month old! Any advice on how I can accomplish what you are doing? Do you ever wake him up to eat during the day so that he sleeps through the night? Does the first week even matter when establishing a sleep routine or are they still getting acclamated to the world? Do you try to keep him awake after he eats via Babywise? Thank you!!!!

Amy said...

Hi! I wish I knew who I was responding to when answering your questions about getting your baby to sleep through the night. Oh well! We definitely follow the Babywise scheduling of eat, awake, sleep. I don't let Liam go more than 3 hours without eating during the day (from the time he starts eating to the time he starts eating again). For example, I will feel him at 7 a.m., 10 a.m., 1 a.m., etc. After he eats, we do have some awake time until he gets fussy. Then, I let him take a nap. By making sure he eats a lot during the day, your baby is less likely to get up as often throughout the night b/c he/she has eaten plenty all day and has been stimulated throughout the day. I hope that makes sense! We started that routine of eat, awake, sleep as soon as we got home from the hospital. I don't let him cry himself to sleep yet b/c we don't have too much trouble with that. We will see how things go as he gets older! Babywise says that the large majority of babies will sleep through the night between 7-9 weeks if you follow this routine. That was definitely true for our first born. If you breastfeed, I would encourage you to seek out support from a breastfeeding support group, lactation consultant, friends, doula, etc. in order to help you understand breastfeeding issues, too, as that will affect your baby's sleep. Liam is exclusively breastfed, and he is doing well at night! We just hit his 6 week growth spurt, so it was a little crazy for a couple days, but you get through it. :)

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