Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!

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I don't know how it happened, but Noah turned 3 years old on May 15th! I can't believe my little man is growing up so quickly. Sometimes I feel like I blinked my eyes, and 3 years worth of laughter, cuddling, and conversations flashed before my eyes.

One of my favorite things about Noah is how he has such a gentle soul. He is a really thoughtful, sweet, and caring little boy. He's really at an age where we can have pretty decent conversations, and I find myself laughing all the time when I'm with him!

When I saw this picture (above), I had a huge flash forward of him getting his senior pictures taken! I know we have a long time until we're there, but I know it will happen much faster than I'm prepared to experience. Noah continues to be an awesome big brother. He is very sweet to Liam, calling him his "best friend." How adorable is that? It is my heart's desire for the boys to grow up being very close, despite their age difference. I also want to raise Noah to be a man that someday a wonderful girl will want to marry. I want him to be kind, compassionate, respectful, responsible, and committed for his future family. I want to raise a boy who can cook, do his own laundry, mow the grass, etc. I'm hoping that Ryan and I can model what a healthy marriage looks like so that he can someday have a happy, healthy marriage himself.

Ok, enough of the serious stuff! I think I'm just realzing how quickly this foundational time where we can shape and mold him is passing by. At some point not too far away, I know his friends will have just as much if not more influence on him than we will. Gosh, if turning 3 makes me think about the future this much, imagine how I'll feel when he goes to kindergarten!

For his birthday party this year, we kept things pretty simple because we had only been home from the hospital after Liam's birth for a week when it came time to celebrate! Noah wanted a Word World birthday party theme, which was such a great idea! If your kids have not seen this cartoon, you'll have to turn on PBS for them. It's such a cute cartoon! Noah learned all of his letters so quickly just by watching it. We cut out letters and pasted them around the house for items like the radio, window, mirror (below), door, porch, and "fireplace" (below).

We invited just our immediate family members, had lunch and cake, and then opened presents.

Cake created by Wanda Henderson
I was really sad to not make Noah's cake this year because it's been something I've really enjoyed the past two birthdays. However, with Liam's birth falling so close to Noah's birthday, I didn't really have a choice. In fact, I was making last minute cake preparations just a few hours before leaving for the hospital. :)

After singing Happy Birthday, we enjoyed some cake, and it was - as Noah says - DEEELICIOUS!! He opened his gifts, and as usual, everyone picked out very generous, wonderful gifts. The timing was perfect. He had lots of new, fun toys/games to play with as we adjusted to life with a newborn.

Happy birthday, sweet boy!! I love you to the moon and back!!

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Sara said...

he is adorable! Happy 3rd birthday :-)

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