Operation Potty Training: Over and Out

Noah getting ready to bounce at the mall - one of his rewards during our journey!
When I look back on my past (almost) 3 years of parenting, I would say that potty training was maybe the only part that was blah for me! Check out Part I and Part II if you're interested in our journey with potty training. Noah has been using a small froggy potty since January 2011 to go #2, and Ryan and I have both felt very tired of cleaning that potty every day. However, knowing the lengths it took to get us here, I wasn't going to push anything. While I was away for a couple hours, Ryan started talking to Noah about going poo on the big potty. After I got home, Ryan suggested that we make another sticker chart for Noah where he had to earn 15 stickers, maybe we could make a chart with 4 places for stickers. Although I had my doubts that Noah would actually use the regular potty, I was excited about the idea and motivation we were providing for him. He could have the Toy Story 2 DVD if he earned 4 stickers.

That very evening, he said he had to go, so I put him on the big potty. He didn't go and said he wanted back down. I thought to myself, "Here we go again...." Well, minutes later, he said he had to go, and I put him back on there. Sure enough, he started going and went like a champion! We gave him a sticker, and he  seemed happy with himself! Each day following that, he earned another sticker and another sticker. Then yesterday, while he was staying with my mom, he even went on her potty! Now that was a serious first because Noah won't go anywhere but our house with the exception of my dad and Danette's a time or two on the froggy potty. Needless to say, he earned his fourth sticker, and after picking him up, we took him to the store to buy Toy Story 2 and watched it last night before bed. This journey began in July....picked back up in January...and is now complete in April. It sounds like a long time, but because he rarely had accidents, it hasn't felt like that long. He's officially a big boy - almost 3 years old - just in time for us to start all over with a newborn baby boy.

I can't wait!

Loving it!

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Anonymous said...

He looks very happy! He is a pro now!! Danette

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