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We hit the full term mark on Monday, April 11th, and this past Monday, April 18th, we crossed into our 38th week of pregnancy. We're excited to be at this point in our journey, and now the waiting begins.When we were pregnant with Noah, we never had to wait because he surprised us the day we turned 38 weeks. All along, I really felt like this baby would arrive sometime between April 16th and April 24th. Now we are there, and Easter Sunday is drawing near. Will this be the weekend we go into labor and meet our new son? I wish I knew! I'm not overly uncomfortable, and I do feel patient with this part of pregnancy. I am just dying to know when and how it will all unfold!

Saturday night at about 2:45 a.m., I woke up to a pretty strong contraction. I ended up timing them for about an hour. They weren't consistent but ranged from 3-6 minutes apart. I could feel the baby pushing down, and I felt like we were definitely getting closer to the real thing. All week I've felt pretty "normal," and although I have contractions all the time, typically they aren't painful. I'm trying to wrap things up at work and am getting really close. I think everything could be completely finished - with the exception of one conference - by the end of the day tomorrow. Of course, if the little man doesn't make his appearance for a bit longer, I can always find more things to do!

The laundry is done. The house is clean. The nursery is prepared, and the diapers are stockpiled. I have my contact list for when we got into labor and when the baby is born, and I've completed all the necessary paperwork to donate the baby's cord blood. However, just like when we were pregnant with Noah, though, the hospital bag is still not packed! I just can't bring myself to do it for some reason! I think I will pack it tomorrow - the list of what to pack has been ready for weeks - just in case the big show is this weekend!

Ryan is getting more and more excited to meet the little guy, too! Whenever I do go into labor, I'm going to tell Ryan that it's time to get Jimmy Johns - kind of like our secret code! Last time after Noah was born, I was starving!! It was very late at night, and they brought me this dry, not-so-good-tasting turkey sandwich. So, I told Ryan this time, on the way to the hospital, we will need to pick up Jimmy Johns on the way there, even if I am having contractions every 3 minutes. I don't eat deli meat during pregnancy because I'm afraid to get lysteria, so it will be a treat after baby boy is born!

For now, I am just praying that I go into labor when my body and this baby are both fully ready. I pray that I be patient for God's perfect timing as we enter the final stage of this pregnancy. I would appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and a safe delivery! I'm excited to share our birth story with you. Hopefully all will go smoothly, and we will find ourselves a happy, healthy family of four in the next few weeks.

37 Weeks

38 Weeks

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The Cantlons said...

You are so stinking cute! I will be praying for you. Being a family of four is awesome. Just wait until you see howich your boys will love each other!

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