Maternity Photo Shoot

When we were pregnant with Noah, we captured how I looked at 30 weeks by getting maternity pictures taken. I still cherish those pictures and wanted to make it a priority to get pictures taken again for this pregnancy. My friend, Jessica Limeberry, is a phenomenal photographer, and I was SO excited when we set up a date and time for a maternity photo shoot. Jess has quickly become one of my closest friends in Greenwood since we met a couple years ago. Sometimes I think we are living parallel lives because we have sons who were born 4 months apart, and now we are both pregnant with boys whose due dates are 9 days apart. Wild, huh?

Anyway, this was the third photo shoot we have done with Jessica. The first time was during Christmas 2009, and the second time was for Noah's 2 year pictures. Not only do I love how these maternity pictures turned out, but she is going to take Baby #2's newborn photos soon after he is born. I love working with a friend on these projects because I absolutely have no range in expression, and I feel absolutely silly in front of a camera by myself. Somehow, even with my awkwardness and 33 week belly, she captured so many beautiful shots! I'll highlight some of my favorites below.

Thanks again, Jess, for helping us capture this time in our lives! Please check out Jessica's website at http://lemongrassphotography.com/ to see more of her amazing work!

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