Ice Storm 2011

Wow! Last week was wild! Noah and I went grocery shopping at Kroger and Meijer with our grocery game lists. I worried that the stores would be insanely busy with the impending winter storm, but they really weren't too bad that morning. I let Noah watch Toy Story 2 on an iPod while we went shopping, which provided the perfect distraction for him so that I could shop in peace and quiet! :) I can't imagine grocery shopping with him any other way. It's just so convenient. He enjoys himself, and I can be productive! With coupons and sales at the grocery stores, we spent $75 and saved $96! Yep, that hour of preparation and organization before we left was definitely worth my time!

After Ryan got home Monday night, I made a quick run to Target because they were having a great sale on baby items. I stocked up on more diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and snack traps. There were only 4 lanes open when I went to check out, and it took forever! By the time I was FINALLY through the line, they had 11 lanes open. Everyone had three items in their cart - milk, bread, and toilet paper! I'm not talking about a pack of 4 or 8 rolls of TP...we're talking the mega value pack of 32 rolls of toilet paper. Seriously, what were people planning to do during the ice storm?? :) I made one more stop at CVS for to pick up five 12 packs of Coke products because you could get them for $2 each after their sale, which is my price point for buying soda. We stock up when it hits $2 a 12 pack.

That was the last time I breathed fresh air outside my home for the next 3 1/2 days!

I spent Tuesday at home with Noah, while Ryan got a bunch of work done from home. We filed our tax return that day, which was a great item to check off our to do list! Wednesday school was cancelled, so I was home again. By the end of the day, I had done all the normal things around the house, but I also cleaned and organized a couple closets. Ryan and I have felt really convicted of spending wasting $100 on satellite TV. For the most part, we only watch the basic channels, Disney, PBS, and ESPN. So we had to ask ourselves why we were paying $100 a month. Ryan found an antenna and installed it in the attic. I got us signed up on Netflix and figured out how to stream it through our Nintendo Wii. We will only spend $10 a month this way rather than $100. That frees up $90 more to put in the boys college funds, which is always exciting!

School was cancelled again Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so that gave me the entire week to spend with Noah!

If you remember from my last update on potty training, Noah had earned all of his stickers to go to Chuck E Cheese. He and I both REALLY needed to get out of the house by Friday night (again, I had been in the house since Monday night. I couldn't even go get the mail because there was such a thick layer of ice on the ground. I couldn't risk falling.). So, when Ryan got home from work, we went to Chuck E Cheese and ordered a pepperoni pizza, a salad bar, and got a bunch of tokens for Noah. After about 30 minutes or so, our friends Kevin and Dalia and their little girl, Ava, joined the fun! Noah had specifically said that he wanted Kevin to come to Chuck E Cheese, and they were nice enough to oblige. For the first time, Noah went up in the tunnels a few times, though he had no desire to go down the slide. We were probably there for a good 3 hours, and it was definitely the most fun we've ever had there!

The next morning, we took Noah to the Children's Museum because members get in an hour early the first Saturday of the month. We've never gone on a Saturday because I always fear how busy it will be, and boy was it busy! I have NEVER, EVER seen the museum so busy! They were opening a new Dora and Diego exhibit, including a meet and greet with Dora and Diego themselves, so that probably didn't help. We didn't even attempt to go to that part of the museum. I'll take Noah on random Tuesday sometime, and there will be like 5 other kids in the whole exhibit. That's more my style! We had a really nice time being there as a family and look forward to going again soon!

We survived the Ice Storm of 2011 and really had a lot of fun - and even got a lot of things accomplished! The ground is still covered in ice, but it's melting a bit more each day. I know by the time we are a family of four, I will really cherish this past week that I had with just Ryan, Noah, and Kya. I'll miss these days but also am so excited to meet our little man soon.

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Nice family.

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