29 Weeks

Today we hit the 29 week mark! I have to admit, though, that these pictures are of me at 28 weeks. Twenty eight weeks, twenty nine weeks...what's the difference, right? I am officially in my third trimester(HOORAY!), and my "What to Expect" app on my phone says that the baby is approximately 17 inches long and 2.9 lbs. That means this little bambino has almost reached his full height already but still needs to gain some weight before birth. He's one long string bean right now! I can feel him moving all throughout the day. Some of his favorites include pushing up against my ribs on my right side and tapping my left hip bone. Now that is the strangest feeling! I can tell he is getting stronger and stronger week after week. Every movement makes me all the more anxious to meet him! I am trying to enjoy these last 9-13 weeks of pregnancy, but to be honest, I am just ready for baby boy #2 to be in my arms!

Just like with my pregnancy with Noah, I am having Braxton Hicks contractions ALL THE TIME. It definitely gets worse at night, but I do have them throughout the day. I am still feeling pretty comfortable - no major back aches, sciatic nerve pinching, or chronic pelvic bone discomfort yet. My belly feels tired by about the time we put Noah to bed, and my legs are starting to swell a bit each day. Other than that, I really feel pretty well! We're pretty sure we've chosen a name for this little guy, but we're keeping it pretty hush hush still. I am so curious to know what he's going to look like - how similar or different he will be in comparison to Noah. I imagine a more olive-skinned, brown haired, brown-eyed baby, but time will tell!

We have another prenatal appointment tomorrow morning, and then I believe we'll start going every two weeks. I didn't get to go to my 27 week appointment because of the ice storm, so it has been six weeks since we've seen the doctor. I'm anxious to see how much weight I've gained - especially after our pizza tour in Chicago this weekend - and to hear his little heart beating. We also have an appointment with our doula, Julie Pichon, the first week of March. Hopefully that will help me start getting in the right mindset to get this little bambino out come Spring! We are hoping and praying for another smooth labor and delivery, one without any medical intervention. Our experience was so good (difficult but still incredible!) last time, and I hope we can say the same after this little guy arrives. As much as I am wanting time to go by quickly so that we can meet our new son, I'm still enjoying every moment I have with just Ryan, Noah, and Kya, knowing it will never be just the four of us again. Sometimes I get a little teary about that, but most of the time, I'm just excited about what is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

You look great! Can you believe he is almost here? I was thinking as I read it "Kendall was smaller than that when she was born." Crazy, isn't it!
Keep up he good work, Momma!

Anonymous said...

I love the pregnancy photo with Noah hugging on tight to your legs! Danette

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