23 Weeks

Finally! I have some new pictures of my belly. I have had a really hard time wanting to take pictures throughout this pregnancy. I felt so horrible the first 16 weeks or so, and I've been changing into my pjs early in the evening to be comfortable. Who wants to see a bunch of preggo pictures of me in my jammies?

Despite not documenting this pregnancy, I am totally falling in love with this little boy growing inside me! He is moving at regular times of the day - mostly first thing in the morning, after lunch, whenever I squish him by sitting to curled up, around 8:00 when we read Noah stories before bed, and just before I go to sleep at night. I love his little movements! We are getting closer to choosing a name, but as with Noah, it will probably be a surprise until he is born.

I have felt really well the last 5-6 weeks of this pregnancy. My energy level has been back to normal, and my appetite has been fine. I pushed it a little too much this past weekend. I made cake pops for 4 hours on Thursday and then cooked a lot of food in preparation for our New Year's Eve celebration all day on Friday. After staying up until 2 p.m. (I'm as shocked as you are!) on New Year's Eve and celebrating Christmas with Ryan's family Saturday and Sunday, I was BEAT! I crashed on the couch from 4:30-7:00 p.m. Sunday and again this afternoon for two hours. Hopefully I'll get back on track soon.

As the days pass by, I am getting more and more excited to meet this little guy. I'm so curious to know what he will look like, to get to know him, to love another son like I've never loved anyone else...I want to hold him and feel that perfect baby snuggle all over again. I can't wait to shower his face with kisses. I'm excited to see Noah as a brother and to see Ryan as a daddy all over again. Sometimes I feel like I'm living a dream come true, and then I realize I am. I count my blessings everyday and feel so fortunate for this opportunity to be a mom again.

My glucose test is tomorrow morning, and I'm guessing that I am going to fail it. I had gestational diabetes with Noah, and I just don't feel quite right when I load up on carbs these days. If I fail my one hour test, my doctor isn't going to even bother with the 3 hour test. We'll just assume I have it and start a strict diet. Four months of watching my carb intake won't be fun, but it's temporary. Spring will be here before we know it! Right now I feel like he will arrive April 23rd, but time will tell. I was 45 minutes off with my guess about Noah's birth, so we'll see how close I am this time around. Until next time!

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Leah said...

Loooove these pics! Cute post Mama!

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